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Kaala Doriya Episode-11 Review: Kuku Mamu makes his entry with a bang!

Asfi and Mahnoor joins hands to reunite Kuku Mamu and Bitto Appa

Kaala Doriya the HUM TV drama serial has become our favorite Prime Time Watch. With interesting character, hilarious punch lines and solid story line Kaala Doriya is winning our hearts and credit goes to the writer Saima Akram Chaudhry. In the previous episode we have seen that Asfi and Mahnoor join hands for the mission Bitto Appa. In this episode Kuku Mammu surprises everyone with his entry.

Bitto Appa is snapping a photo with her to be in-laws when out of no where Kuku Mamu makes his entry with a bang! he is being super cringe and to our surprise Bitto Appa’s in laws have not raised their eyebrows on Kuku Mamu’s entry and on his weird behavior. He snaps a photo with Bitto asking her to be dad in-law to getup and sits himself still her in laws do not find any issue with it strange!

Bitto Appa should have been happy on Kuku Mamu’s arrival but she is not? why in fact she locks herself up in the room and started crying. Mahnoor is behind Kuku Mamu’s sudden entry and she is joining hands with Asfi to reunite this couple. Tano Appa’s snubbing her brother looks so hilarious but the way Kuku mamu is replying is sounds so cringe. However Kuku Mamu is liked by the whole family.

Kuku Mamu is looking for chances to talk with Bitto Appa but as he gets a chance to talk with her Tano Bhabi comes out of no where and ruins their conversation. Asfi and Mahnoor has come to the conclusion that they both cannot meet in the house so Asfi plans their meeting into the same park where their Dada Dadi use to meet. Mahnoor is assigned to bring Bitto Appa and he will have to bring Kuku Mamu to that park.

Surprisingly Bitto Appa is not happy with this setting. She says that she does not want to talk with him but Kuku insists that he needs to talk with her. Bitto clearly tells Kuku that he has no chance now the time has passed and its too late she has already said yes to this proposal. Kuku is disappointment to hear that but he has not given up. Baray Sahab sees Bitto coming out of park with Kuku, riding with him on the bike. Bitto Appa gets schooled by her mother. Bitto Appa’s rishta walas call Tano and tells him that the boy has seen the picture and he has chosen Mahnoor not Bitto. Bitto is happy to hear that. It seems that Bitto and Kuku scene will going to be on!

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