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Kaala Doriya Episode-13 Review: The cat is out of the bag!

is nearly impossible to keep Kuku Mamu and Bitto Appa's nikkah a secret

Hum TV Rom-com Kaala Doriya is our favorite Prime Time Watch. Saima Akram Chaudhry has once again proved herself by penning down such entertaining content. Performances are equally entertaining. In the previous episode, we watched Faraz and Baray Abba arranges a secret nikkah ceremony of Kuku Mamu and Bitto Appa. In this episode, it is shown that this secret nikkah is nearly impossible to keep secret.

Asfi is having a feeling that this nikkah is going to create waves and it will be very difficult for them to control the situation. However, Kuku and Bitto are a bit free from this fear they are enjoying their precious moments. Kuku has named his whole property against Bitto in Haq Mehar. Taimoor is also worried as nikkah happened at his house. Faraz wants Asfi to keep this secret from all of the family.

Asfi wants to share this secret with I think Mahnoor because he has tried to call her over and over but Mahnoor got stuck with her mother and house chores. Tano Bhabi has sensed that something has happened with KuKu as he is being too happy and she has also caught him being too close to Bitto. Tano Bhabi is really mad at KuKu. She wants him to marry anyone else except Bitto little she knows that Bitto has already become her bhabi.

Asfi badly wants to share this secret with his bhabi but every time he tries to tell he gets disturbed by someone. Nida bhabi also seems in not a keen mood to listen to him. Asfi finds a childhood picture of Mahnoor and him wearing decorative dresses, Nida tells him that it was their engagement picture. Asfi cannot control his laughter. He is shocked that his family can be that insane! He is happy that his parents have now changed their mind.

Another cute scene is when Asfi shows that picture to Mahnoor and she makes fun of the picture. Well, Asfi really doesn’t like Mahnoor making fun of him and their engagement. When she says thank God their parents have changed their minds he minds it. Deep inside he has feelings for Mahnoor which he has still no idea about. Anyways the problem is that Munna has called Rishta for Bitto. The cutest moment is when Kuku Mamu is scolding Bitto not to dress up in front of those guests. Well despite Kuku Mamu’s efforts, the guests have approved Bitto and they are asking for Nikkah’s date. The episode ends when Saliqa Bhabi hears Kuku telling Bitto about their secret nikkah. The cat is out of the bag!

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