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Kaala Doriya Episode-15 Review: May this Kuku and Bitto’s wedding lessen the gap between the families

After creating a lot of fuss, Tano bhabi agrees for Bitto and Kuku's marriage

HUM TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is 15 episodes down the play and is a delight to watch. Saima Akram Chaudhry never ceases to entertain us with her fine content. Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed’s onscreen chemistry looks quite promising. In the previous episode, we watched Tano bhabi reacts very strongly to Bitto and Kuku’s secret nikkah. In this episode, it is shown that Tano bhabi creates lots of fuss but finally agrees.

The episode begins with Tano bhabi’s toxic behavior. She makes things so ugly by asking his brother to divorce Bittu which Baray Sahab also overhears. He tells Kuku to do what her sister asks him by saying meri beti ka Allah Hafiz hai. Kuku mamu’s helplessness makes him a dumb character, he actually does not deserve Bitto Appa why can’t he take a solid stand for himself?

Mahnoor is trying her best to save Bitto’s nikkah she goes to meet Asfi where she shares what is going on in her house which Bittu overhears and she is mad at Kuku. Kuku is even ready to divorce Bittu but he cannot take a stand in front of his own sister. Bitto goes straight to Sajji’s house and there she asks Tano what bad she has done with her. She says that she will not go against her and she asks for Khula.

Shajji takes a solid stand for her sister saying that if she will going to break into her sister’s house, he will not going to live with her as well. He tells her that what goes around will eventually come around. She should fear God she is also the mother of two daughters. These words eventually hit Tano bhabi’s heart and she rethinks her decision. After sharing her reservations with Baray Abba she agrees to accept this nikkah.

And out of nowhere, she not only accepts Bittu but also she is also ready to take Saghun for her at Munna’s house. It is so good to see a good side of Tano as well. It seems that the next episodes going to be full of wedding festivities and it seems that Asfand and Mahnoor scene will also be going to be on! Well, I find Kuku mamoo too cringy. May this Kuku and Bitto’s wedding lessen the gap between the families of the brothers. Overall super entertaining!

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