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Kaala Doriya Episode-16 Review: Bitto and Kuku’s wedding date is fixed in haste

Asfi and Mahnoor's parents are not happy with them being frank

Hum Tv Drama serial Kaala Doriya is a light heart comedy that makes our weekend. The performances are all good and we are in love with the characters and how the story is growing on us. In the previous episode, we have seen that Tano bhabi finally accepts Bitto. In this episode, it is shown that Tano is off to Munna’s house to fix Bitto and Kuku’s wedding date but she does that in her own style.

After creating a lot of fuss and drama, Tano bhabi is all set to go to Munna’s place to fix Kuku’s wedding date but she makes sure to do that on her own terms. She along with Kuku, Baray Abba and Mahnoor arrives at Asfi’s house with lots of Mithaee and giveaways. Asfand is appreciating Mahnoor for her efforts in this regard when Saliqa catches them both being frank.

Well, one wonders if the scene between Asfand and Mahnoor is nearly on as they both are too close to each other but it seems they are in a state of denial about their feelings. Both are worrying that how they will enjoy the festivities of Kuku Mamu and Bitto Appa’s wedding. They are thinking to arrange dance practice sessions but it seems impossible to do that with their families’ hostilities. Gohar offers dance practices at his place.

Well, the date-fixing session is no less than a battlefield where Tano Bhabi and Muna both are attacking each other with their heavy taunts. Tano has made up her mind to give Muna and Saliqa a tough time so she gives a very early wedding date within a week otherwise she says that KuKu will go to be back after 2 years. Baray Abba fixes that date Tano is deciding to say that all the arrangements will be done. Kuku and Bitto are the happiest people in the scene.

Tano and Saliqa both are now worrying about the wedding preparations as there is hardly any time left in the wedding. Kuku is not allowed to talk or meet Bitto but luckily they coincidentally meet in the mall. However, before that Shaji Taya and Baray Abba catches both Mahnoor and Asfand talking in a very frank manner in the parking lot of their university. Not just Mahnoor is schooled by her parents but Shaji also snubs Munna telling him to control his son. Asfi also gets scolded to stay away from Mahanoor by his parents. Will this going to affect the upcoming spark between Asfi and Mahnoor, we are already rooting for them.

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