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Kaala Doriya Episode-17 Review: Asfand and Mahnoor’s scene is full on!

Bitto Appa's Mayoon ended on a bitter note

Kaala Doriya airing on HUM TV is a light heart Rom-Com which is winning hearts. The story is getting intense with romance brewing between Mahnoor and Asfand! Yes, you read it right! Mahnoor and Asfand scene is full on in this episode! In the previous episode, we watched that Bitto and Kuku’s wedding date is set in haste. In this episode, Bitto’s Mayoon ends on a bitter note.

The episode begins with the wedding shopping of Bittu and Kuku. Bittu is all set to win Tano bhabi’s heart by faking to like the dress she chooses for her. Even Saleeqa knows that Bittu is flattering Tano but Tano is over the moon on thinking that Bittu has belittled Saleeqa. Well during this shopping Asfi approves the dress for Mahnoor and Mahnoor even considers his approval and actually buys that dress.

Then the story does not stop here Asfand also seeks Mahnoor’s advice in selecting his clothes. Despite knowing the fact that their mothers will never approve of them getting frank still both Mahnoor and Asfi were playing hide and seek to stay together not fearing the reaction of their mothers. This is nothing but love and they both are still unaware of their feelings.

Bitto Appa’s Ubtan function is the occasion where Asfand laid his eyes on dolled-up Mahnoor for the first time and he cannot stay himself away from gazing at her. It seems that he is head-to-toe in love with Mahnoor and the way Mahnoor is smiling and shying on his gazing also speaks volumes about her feelings for him. Even Gohar has also bitted love stuck but he does not seem as passionate as Asfi. Asfand calls Mahnoor to meet her on the rooftop. They both ditch their nephew and niece and go straight to the rooftop to meet each other.

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Well, the chemistry between Osman and Sana is so lit, Asfand is smitten by Mahnoor’s beauty and he tries to praise her in his own style. Mahnoor despite the fact that she is liking every bit of those praises poses as if she is not affected by these words. Her going to the rooftop on Asfi’s call risking her reputation speaks volumes about her feelings for Asfi. Well, that happens when we were fearing Tano catches Asfi and Mahnoor coming down from the rooftop and there is an exchange of harsh remarks for Mahnoor by Saleeqa, and Tano also said something rude ending the event on a bitter note. Wondering if Mahnoor and Asfi’s romance will be going to nurture more. Or will this incident be going to affect Bitto’s wedding too?

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