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Kaala Doriya Episode-18 Review: Love is in the air!

Asfi and Mahnoor scene is full on and there is a climax to their newly started love story.

Kaala Doriya the drama serial airing on Hum TV is one of our best Weekend Watch, with Asfi and Mahnoor’s romance brewing the play has become more interesting. We are in love with almost all the characters. Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed’s onscreen chemistry is what carries the whole show. In the previous episode, it is established that Asfi and Mahnoor’s scene is full-on! In this episode, there is a climax to their newly started love story.

Well, Asfi and Mahnoor are giving explanations to their parents for their rooftop meeting. Despite all that snubbing, they do not cease to talk with each other nor they have distanced themselves. Asfand is smitten by Mahnoor and he now knows that even he feels jealous and anxious when he learns that Gohar is going to pick up Mahnoor from the parlour and he will bring her to the Mehndi Venue.

Well, Bittu Appa and Kuku Mamu’s Mehndi is a colourful event in which the whole family danced their hearts out except Mahnoor and her parents everyone was on the dance floor and it is so refreshing to have a new Mehndi song we were so tired of hearing that Balay Balay song. Among all that things Asfi does one blunder, he chooses the same dress for Mahnoor and also his bhabi. Both ladies have gotten their mood off on this, is Asfi that dumb?

There is one typical magical love scene at the Mehndi where Mahnoor is going to fall but then Asfi holds her in his arms and that is the moment when their eyes lock each other, we have seen love for Asfi in Mahnoor’s eyes as well. Love is in the air! Luckily no one from Asfi and Mahnoor’s family watching them Asfand’s heart is enamoured and Mahnoor seems like she is liking the way Asfi is watching her and treating her. She knows that Asfi has feelings for her.

Well this romance seems short-lived as the climax of this love story happens at the end of the Mehndi function when Gohar’s mother comes with Tano’s aunty and in presence of Asfi she shares her wish to make Mahnoor her daughter in law. Asfi is out of his mind and so is Mahnoor shocked. Asfi starts bashing Gohar for eyeing his family girl. Poor Gohar has no idea what his mother has done. It seems that Bunty has feelings for Gohar because she seems visibly disturbed upon hearing from Asfi about Gohar and Mahnoor’s proposal. Interesting Love dynamics.

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