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Kaala Doriya Episode-19 Review: Asfi and Mahnoor are getting possessive for each other

It seems that the differences between the families finally going to diminish

Hum TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is winning hearts, and Saima Akram Chaudhry’s magic is visible on screen. The chemistry between Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed is sparkling. We as viewers are craving for its next episode. In the previous episode, we watched that love is in the air! Asfi is smitten by Mahnoor’s beauty. In this episode, we see that they both are getting possessive of each other.

Asfand is really upset to see Gohar’s mother asking for Mahnoor’s hand. He is trying his best to shoo away thoughts of Mahnoor but fails to get her out of his mind. She is everywhere in his thoughts. He has heard his Dadi and Bitto Appa talking about how good Mahnoor and Asfi look together. However where one knows that it is not even a possibility among so much animosity between the families.

Asfand’s conversation with his bhabi is also quite interesting where she is saying that suppose Asfi likes Mahnoor then no one will going to approve not Chacha Chachi not even her parents and let’s suppose everyone agreed on this she will not going to approve their relationship. Asfand’s mood turns off on that he knows that what he is thinking is never going to happen again.

Well as it says that jealousy is the root of deepest love. Asfand starts getting jealous of Gohar, and Mahnoor is deliberately making Asfand feel jealous. She is enjoying Asfand’s reaction deep inside she knows that Asfand has feelings for her. Asfi takes his revenge by making her jealous by getting close to Bunty. Mahnoor is really getting envious to see Bunty talking with Asfand. Bunty is actually sharing her feelings for Gohar with Asfand.

Bitto Appa’s colourful wedding festivities and customs are in full swing when Shaji Taya right before the rakhsati start feeling unwell. Faraz takes him to the hospital. The ending of the episode is quite jumpy. When ruksati happens? The ruksati scene has not been shown. Mahnoor right in the middle of the night leaves alone with her mother in her car when she gets mugged on a deserted street. The mugging scene is terrifying but not well shot how come the snatchers left the mobile and just took away the purse, not even the jewellery? It seems that snatchers were in a rush. Mahnoor calls Asfi for rescue and Tano gets unconscious. The following episodes have some fireworks it seems that Asfi will be going to be Mahnoor’s knight in shining armour and she will be the damsel in distress!

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