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Kaala Doriya Episode-21 Review: Asfi and Mahnoor’s relationship seems like a roller coaster ride

Saliqa asks Bubbly's hand for Asfand.

Hum TV drama serial Kaala Doriya seems like a roller coaster ride for Asfi and Mahnoor’s relationship. The performances are great but this particular episode seems quite underwhelming there are no such light heart moments in it. In the previous episode, we watched Kuku Mamo and Bitto elope for their honeymoon leaving their valima. In this episode, we get clarity on why Kuku and Bitto left for their honeymoon so early.

Mahnoor is contemplating thoughts of Asfand and she is wondering if is this love. She tried to google, and what symptoms google suggests fit her current situation. Mahnoor has realized too that her heart is beating for Asfand. Asfand and Mahnoor’s conversation on the rooftop was cute when she is apologizing for her mother’s behaviour. They are indeed looking good together but their chemistry is not what we call electrifying.

We get to know that Abba Mian is behind Kuku and Bitto’s elopement. We also get to know the reason why he has taken such an inappropriate step. He wants to save Shajji’s expenses for Valima so he cancels it altogether. By the way, Valima is sunnat and kinda obligatory reception for Muslims. Why Shajji was going to bear its expenses? when according to Sunnat it is the groom who gives the reception and Kuku is quite a well-off person. They have really wronged Tano disappointed by Abba, Kuku and Bitto, particularly its writing flaw.

Well, Asfi and Kuku are looking good together no doubt but their romantic scenes do not seem sizzling. Something seems missing. I rather find their scenes a bit cringy or I think they were the dialogues which are written that way do not seem performance flaws. Mahnoor has fully realized that she is in love. But she is a little reserved, unlike Asfi who is confessing it all the time.

Mahnoor and Asfi’s relationship seems like a roller coaster ride full of ups and down. After confessing their feelings to each other. There comes a climax in their newly started relationship. Saliqa has asked Bubbly’s hand for Asfand and Tano breaks this news to Mahnoor. Mahnoor is in a state of denial and shock, she feels betrayed. Well, Tano has not yet refused Gohar’s proposal for Mahnoor. The situation is getting too intense! Asfand is unaware that his mother has asked for Bubbly. The next episode is going to be interesting, though this one was a bit underwhelming.

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