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Kaala Doriya Episode-23 Review: Mahnoor throws a surprise birthday party for Asfi

Baray Abba knows about Asfi and Mahnoor's relationship

Kaala Doriya is moving fast towards its conclusion, we are really invested in Mahnoor and Asfi’s love story and also love all the characters. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode, we have seen that Munna breaks the ice with Shaji by helping him taking to the hospital. In this episode, Mahnoor throws a brief surprise birthday party for Asfi which turns out to be a disaster as Tano and Shaji appear unexpectedly.

Love is in the air Mahnoor and Asfi are head-to-heel in love with each other. Asfi has shown an attitude towards Mahnoor for mistrusting him in Bubbly’s issue. Mahnoor tells Asfi that his mother and bhabi have sent his proposal for Bubbly. Asfi is rightfully mad at his mother and bhabi, how come they can hide this from him? Mahnoor confesses that she really loves him which is why she is becoming possessive towards him.

Well among all that lovely arguments Asfi tells Mahnoor that today is his birthday and what a start of a day it is for him. Mahnoor has made up her mind to celebrate his birthday no matter what happens. Mahnoor is also angry with her mother for bringing up Gohar’s proposal once again she tells them that he loves his cousin Bubbly and that they both like each other. Tano and Shaji want to marry off Mahnoor soon, Shaji even puts a condition that he will not get himself operate till her rishta gets fixed, a weird condition though.

Well it looks quite inappropriate that Shaji’s condition is not well, he has gone with Tano out somewhere and Mahnoor arranges a surprise birthday party for Asfi on urgent with the help of Baray Abba, Gohar and Bubbly. Asfi is out on a chore given by Nida bhabi to drop Haleem at her friend’s place but Mahnoor calls him at her place. Asfi gets pleasantly surprised with his birthday bash but his happiness is momentary.

The birthday party is ruined right after cutting the cake when Tano and Shaji make their unexpected entry into the house. Mahnoor puts the whole blame on Baray Abba. Baray Abba knows everything and he kinda approves their relationship. Baray Abba saves Mahnoor by saying that he has arranged this party for his grandson. On top of that, Nida bhabi has also made her entry and it seems like she is not happy. Nida has baked a cake for Asfi as well. Well, it is so obvious that Mahnoor and Asfi are in love then why the whole family can’t see that? Nida bhabi still needs Asfi to tell her which girl he loves! Overall highly entertaining, loving all the characters!

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