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Kaala Doriya Episode-24 Review: The cat is out of the bag now

Mahnoor breaks up with Asfi for her father's sake

Kaala Doriya airing on Hum TV is one of our favourite prime-time watches, Saima Akram Chaudhry does not cease to impress us with her writing and punch line. This light heart drama serial turned a bit tragic when Mahnoor breaks up with Asfi for the sake of her father. Asfi’s breakout is so heart-wrenching and Osman Khalid Butt has nailed that scene so perfectly. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mahnoor throws a brief birthday bash for Asfand.

Well, that birthday bash of Asfi has put Asfand and Mahnoor families on guard. Shaji is making his illness an excuse, he tells Mahnoor that if he really loves him then she will not going to refuse the proposal coming for her tonight. Yes, another Rishta call! Mahnoor is really upset about this. She simply cannot say no to her father keeping in mind his health condition nor she can accept this proposal she starts avoiding Asfi.

When Mahnoor is absent from University and she is avoiding Asfi because of that Rishta call tension. Asfi eventually calls Mahnoor and during that call they both confess their feelings for each other. Coincidentally Nida and Tano both hear Asfi and Mahnoor professing love for each other. The cat is out of the bag now Asfi’s and Mahnoor’s families get to know about their love.

Nida Bhabi’s reaction was the most disappointing for Asfi. Her reaction was very strong she goes straight to Mahnoor’s house and starts blaming her for enticing Asfi. Asfi and Mahnoor both are being answerable to their families as if they both have committed a huge sin. I am really disappointed with her grandparents for not playing a solid part in supporting Asfi and Mahnoor’s relationship. Baray Abba tells Mahnoor that in all this tussle actually, it is her father who is wrong. Shaji overhears all this conversation.

Mahnoor despite knowing the fact that it is her own father’s flaw decides to be on her father’s side. She knows that she cannot simply leave her ailing father like that so she decides to leave Asfi. Mahnoor calls Asfi saying that she is breaking up with him for the sake of her family. Asfi’s breakdown scene in the park then at home while hugging his brother is very heartbreaking. Our heart goes out for poor Asfi and Mahnoor whose love is suppressed by their family’s rivalry. I think the elders of the family, the grandparents need to take a stand for Asfi and Mahnoor.

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