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Kaala Doriya Episode-4 & 5 Review: Drama is coming up with an interesting build-up!

Asfand has stopped bugging Mahnoor

Hum TV Rom-Com Kaala Doriya is picking up the pace and the drama is coming up with an interesting build-up. Performances are all good except few lapses in the Punjabi accent, particularly by Zainab Qayyum but it looks cute. In the previous episode, we have seen Mahnoor and Asfand bugging each other like Tom and Jerry. The story moves on as Munir aka Munna gets arrested by the police.

Asfand cuts the main wire and the power of Mahnoor’s house immediately cuts off. Baray Mian when sees the wire cut starts wondering who has done that Mahnoor charges him against Asfand. He gets furious and goes to Munna’s house. Initially, it feels like he has gone there for scolding Asfi but there he cools down when he sees his wife. He coolly tells Asfand to mend what damage he has done.

Baray Mian sits there for a while having a talk with his wife after sending Asfand to repair the wire. He there shares the anxiety he feels over Bitto’s marriage. When he is sharing his concerns Munna arrives from the office and he takes it on himself as if Abba is blaming him for not marrying off Bitto. He expresses his frustration at Saleeqa who transfer it to Bitto. She is right it is Bitto who is rejecting all the proposals that come on her way.

Baray Mian tells Asfand very politely that before bugging their house he must realize the fact that his uncle has no son who could fix these issues. He further advised him that let the toxicity and hatred remain among the elders only do not transfer it to himself. Asfand takes this advice quite seriously. He has stopped bugging Mahnoor after that and he also helps out Mahnoor when her car gets stuck in the middle of the road.

After fighting with Saleeqa Bhabi, Bitto Appa shifts to Mahnoor place. Mahnoor is so happy to have her, her relationship with her phupho is very cordial. Mahnoor tries to convince her mother to forget everything and let Kuku Mamu marry her but Thano bhabi is in no mood to forgive her. Bitto Appa is having quality time with her father. Nida and Faraz’s wedding anniversary function is going although Bitto Appa and Baray Abba are invited but they preferred to watch the whole function from their rooftop. In the middle of the function, the Police arrive with arrest warrants for Munir. Why Police has taken Munna? what he has done? Interesting build-up!

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