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Kaala Doriya Episode-7 Review: Mahnoor and Asfi’s banter continues

Kuku Mamu calls Bitto Appa asking her to refuse the proposal

Kaala Doriya the HUM TV drama serial airing is becoming one of our most favorite Prime Time watches. As other Saima Akram Chaudhry plays, this serial has also started growing on us. Performances are on spot despite ZQ’s Punjabi lapses but overall a cute character. In the previous episode, it is seen that finally, Mahnoor’s heart melts for Asfand. In this episode, Mahnoor and Asfi’s banter continues.

Mahnoor and Asfi are going in the car to pick Latto up from the school when Bitto Appa sees them together in the car, She would have stayed quiet on it when she clearly knows what will be Tanno Appa’s reaction but no she tells Tanno. Tanno Bhabi starts losing her cool, she calls off the shopping plan and she is in furious range she calls Mahnoor telling her to come back as soon as possible.

Mahnoor and Asfi were being too nice to each other till Asfi brings Latto and Mano back from school. They both refuse to sit in Mahnoor Khala’s car. Mahnoor thinks that it is because of Asfi but then Asfi tells her that no it is because of her own behavior with their mother, they have not forgotten how she has insulted their mother and made her cry.

Munna sees Asfand and Mahnoor together in the car and he takes Asafand’s class. He is now thinking of buying himself a car. On the other hand, Shijee Chacha Mahnoor’s father has put an advertisement in the newspaper for his car, he wants to sell his car to pay off some amount of debt. Asfand sees that ad in the newspaper and he is resolute that he is going to buy the same car to tease Mahnoor. He asks Mahnoor why his father is selling his car she replies that he wants to get a new model.

Asfi indirectly buying Mahnoor a dress is a cute scene, he has feelings for her. Amma tells Baray Mian that she is selling her house for Shijee so he can pay off his debts. She also tells Baray Mian about a proposal she has seen for Bitto. The guy lives in Dubai so Baray Mian asks Tano bhabi to ask Kuku’s help in investigating that guy. Bitto Appa gets sad after hearing about the proposal. Later while she is watching TV she gets a call on the telephone where Kuku is asking her to refuse this proposal. Tanno Bhabi is listening to her conversation. We are rooting for Bitto and Kuku.

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