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Kaala Doriya Episode-8 Review: Asfi has hurt Mahnoor’s feeling

Munna buys Shajji's car by paying two lacs rupees extra.

HUM TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is one entertaining play we wait for the whole week. Performances are all on point particularly Nadia Afghan’s Punjabi proverbs is a treat. In the previous episode we have seen that Mahnoor and Asfi’s banter continues and deep down that Asfi has feelings for Mahnoor. In this episode it is shown that Asfi hurts Mahnoor’s feelings.

The episode begins when Kuku is telling Bitto to reject this proposal on phone and Tanno over hears their conversation. Tanno is shown too mean she goes to her father in law telling him that his brother Kuku has told her that the proposal they have asked him to investigate is too good, the boy is very nice and they should agree for this proposal but Shajji catches her lying he says that he has just called few minutes ago telling them that the boy has no good reputation.

The next scene begins with the location scene which Mahnoor and Asfi and company gets selected for their project. They are finally shooting but Mahnoor and Asfi’s banter continues both taunting each other but despite of all this finally they have finished their task. They all are dining in a hotel where Shajji Taya appears and Mahnoor starts hiding from her father.

Shajji Taya is there for a car deal. Munna has sent a third party agent to buy Shajji’s car. Shajji realizes that Munna is behind the deal and he refuses to sell his sell to him. He in a furious range goes to Munna’s house with his father but there he ends up selling his car to Munna but by charging him two lacs rupees extra! Munna buys the car just to tease him and he gifts that car to Asfi. Asfi posts the car pictures on Instagram just to tease Mahnoor.

Next day Shajji Taya goes to buy breakfast in Rickshaw. Munna and Faraz see them coming out of Rickshaw there Munna shows off about his cars and says that car will be Asfi’s. Faraz like a sane person tells his father that it is not nice. Asfi on the top of that does some real mean thing he while seeing Shajji Taya getting out of Rickshaw blows his car horn just to show off. However in real he has badly hurt Mahnoor’s feelings. Mahnoor has taken it as her and her father’s insult. The play ends when Asfi sees her crying watching her car. It seems that Asfi has realized his mistake. Overall entertaining and engaging!

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