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Kaala Doriya Episode-9 Review: Mahnoor misbehaves with her Dadi

Nida slaps hard on Mahnoor's face on her misbehavior

Hum TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is getting more and more interesting and entertaining as the story proceeds. Characters too are now growing on us. Performances are on spot. In the previous episode we have watched that Asfi hurts Mahnoor’s feeling by teasing her on buying her father’s car. In this episode it is shown that Mahnoor misbehaves with her dadi.

Bittoo Appa complains about Asfi’s misbehavior with his chacha. She tells Nida and Saleeqa that how Asfi has teased Shajee and Mahnoor by unnecessarily honking the car and making fun of them. Nida seriously gets upset on hearing this and she gets angry with Asfi. The only condition she puts on Asfi for cheering her mood is that Asfi has to apologize from Mahnoor for his behavior.

Well Asfi not really apologize her in real sense but he assures Mahnoor that he will never tease her again by honking the car. Asfand makes his bhabi happy. Bari Amma hand over her husband a cheque which she asks him to give to Shajee. It is one crore Rupees cheque which is the share of Shajee from the house Bari Amma has sold. Shajee and Mahnoor instead of being happy gets furious on getting this.

Mahnoor takes the cheque and goes straight at Asfi’s house handing back her dadi the cheque. Handing back is okay but then what Mahnoor did after that was not at all acceptable. Being a heroine she is as much flawed as Asfi is. She misbehaves with her dadi not realizing the fact that she is her father’s mother and furthermore she demands her to apologize from her father as she has insulted him by offering him the money. Nida reacts on this, she slaps hard on her face dragging her out of the house.

Baray Abba is very upset to watch all this scene. Bari Amma is also too upset and hurt she says that she will not go at Shajee’s place ever again. Tano is such a toxic character that she still backs Mano but when Shajee hears about the whole scene he starts snubbing her too for misbehaving with his mother. Mahnoor feels guilty over her conduct she wants to seek her dadi’s forgiveness but she is resolute that she will not enter into their house so she is trying to call her dadi but she is failing each time to connect with her. Another highlight of this episode is that Bitto Appa has accepted the proposal and wants to get married as soon as possible.

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