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Kaala Doriya Last Episode Review: Asfi and Mahnoor’s wedding reunites the whole family

Saleeqa and Tanno are absent at the wedding! is it a hint for Season 2 of Kaala Doriya?

Finally, Kaala Doriya Finale happened! and the last episode is a bit low content-wise as most of the time slot goes for the recap and shadi scenes. This finale is a bit underwhelming with Saleeqa and Tanno totally absent from the wedding festivities and the ending scene.

The first major chunk of the time slot is denoted as the recap of the whole serial. Altogether Kaala Doriya is a light heart serial full of comic lines and hilarious dialogue. Characters have gradually grown on us and we started falling in love with them be it Tanno, Saleeqa, Bitto even Gohar. Besides being a light heart comedy this play is much more than that the play highlights very subtly social issues and the importance of family bonds.

Saleeqa eventually allows Asfi to live with Tanno and Shajji after his marriage but at his own risk. After getting that cute permission from his mother. Asfi goes straight to his Shajji Taya’s house and he tells him that he has agreed to live with them not as their son-in-law but as their son. Then we hear Osman Khalid Butt’s discourse with his future Saaso Maa in his ghulabi Punjabi. His lines were hilarious.

Asfi getting mad at Bitto Appa’s teasing of his ruksaati sounds so cute. Shajji on hearing that suggests a solution from his side that he wants to break the wall between both houses. So in this case Asfi will have just to shift in their portion. It is so heartwarming to see Shajji and Munna realise the fact that they have wasted 5 years of their life because of their false egos.

The last part of the episode is the festivities of Asfi and Mahnoor’s wedding. I find these scenes a bit underwhelming. I am so tired of this Balay Balay song. Asfi’s entry is rocking and the whole mehndi sequence looks good but where is Bubbly? Okay, leave Bubbly where are Saleeqa and Tanno? They are missing from both wedding scenes and the very ending scene where the whole family is posing for a photograph, Bari Amma asks where are Tanno and Saleeqa. The reaction of characters on it may suggest that there might be a next season coming. We missed Tanno and Saleeqa from those scenes they both are actually the soul of the show. Kaala Doriya will be missed, Kudos to the entire cast and crew particularly Danish Nawaz for this excellent play.

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Rameeza Nasim

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