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Kabli Pulao Episode-4 Review: Growing Love and Fears!

Haji Sahab has kept this thing a secret from the family.

Kabli Pulao – EP 4 aired and the wait of the viewers was over. The episode begins with Haji Sahab’s niece’s wedding discussion. The preparations started and events have been shown. In the preparation, Haji Sahab has focused on the preparation of Barbeena who is basically his wife but he has kept this thing a secret from the family.

The people have started to focus on Barbeena because they think she is a single lady. Haji Sahab’s brother-in-law is focusing on getting married to Barbeena because he is not having a child from his wife. On the other hand his wife after knowing his intentions tries to send Barbeena out of the home because she thinks this is the only solution.

Haji Sahab tells Barbeena to maintain a distance from his family and also tells her that this is necessary because his family doesn’t know about their relationship. Meanwhile, Haji Sahab’s niece listens to the whole conversation and this is a crucial turning point in the story.

After the marriage of his niece, when Haji Sahab was alone in his room and sad, Barbeena comes to console him and share her story of marriage. She also starts to cry on the shoulder of Haji Sahab and suddenly Shamim (played by Nadia Afgan), who is in love with Haji Sahab and has been for many years now enters. She starts to question Barbeena because her doubt related to Barbeena gets strong, as she was doubting Barbeena and Haji’s relationship right from the start.

As the whole story is developing the episode ends. The production side of the TV serial is impressive as all the characters are playing a vital role and the attention given to each aspect is brilliant and makes the show even more engaging. The contrast of cultures is the basic and strong essence of the drama because along with the story, they are telling that both cultures, Pashtun and Punjabi have different practices, and yet their voting together gradually is refreshing and beautiful to watch.

As the episodes are coming the story is developing and the curiosity is increasing of the audience but the conflict is also developing. The secret that Haji Sahab is keeping from the family is that he is married to Barbeena, while the family members are supposing that Haji Sahab is considering Barbeena as his daughter but the facts are completely different which will impact the whole story.

On the other hand, Haji Sahab has also started to develop feelings for Barbeena and he is also getting jealous as he said “Ab tumhy hee dekhtay hain log”.

The best thing about the TV Serial is that, along with the drama’s plot, the cultural theme is also shown and the attention of viewers is not being diverted which is a very hard thing to keep intact. Masses are focusing on developments that will unfold in the coming episodes.

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