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Kaisa Hai Naseebaan Episodes 11 and 12 Review: Will Mariam get trapped in pretense of love and affection and go back to Malayisa?

Kaisa Hai Naseebaan, a serial which is addressing the issue of domestic violence has on aired its double episodes yesterday. Besides domestic violence the play is also raising an important issue that parents in our society very often happily marry off their daughters to abroad settled guys without doing the proper investigation. Well in this case Mariam is married to her Phupho’s son and still her life is a total mess. The play is incredibly written by Sameena Aijaz and well helmed by Ahmed Bahtti. Ramsha Khan has brilliantly carried her role of a helpless girl who is letting herself suffer in loneliness just because she do not want to make her parents worried for her. And Muneeb Butt as Ahmed, is brilliant. He is despicable and makes you hate Ahmed every time he’s on screen. Uzma Gillani is a veteran actress who needs no praise and such is her role in Kaisa Hai Naseeban.


This week, Ahmed goes to Mariam’s workplace to demand some loan from her employer but he refuses to lend him further loan as he says that he is already giving Mariam daily 2 hours off without cutting her salary! The news maddens Ahmed so much so that he wants to kill Mariam but then Ahmed’s mother controls him and makes him understand the fact that he has to hold his anger for time being because they have to attend Farah’s wedding and they have to pretend that they are very loving and caring with Mariam otherwise she won’t come back and she is the only bread earner of the house.

Well the bad people always expect bad from others too, despite of Mariam’s simple and good behavior, both Ahmed and his sister thinks that she must be seeing some other guy! On the other hand we have Sana, a useless wife, good for nothing and always complaining. Perhaps Waleed will start feeling Sana’s behaviour very soon.


Mariam’s caring colleague and the lady she works for give her some money for the shopping so that she can get some gifts for her sister. Ahmed and Mariam visit Pakistan and Affan receives them at airport. The scene was really heart touching when Mariam sees his father with teary eyes. Affan has sensed from the beginning that Mariam is not happy with Ahmed, his heart still beats for her as he accidentally names her in front of his mother while he is in his mind referring to Farah.

Ahmed’s mother has very carefully instructed Ahmed not to leave Mariyam alone with her parents and sister because there are chances that she will share all reality with them. Well Ahmed’s mother is a perfect hypocrite who is talking very sweetly with Mariam just because she could come back to Malaysia. Ahmed again looses his cool over and over in Pakistan but somehow tries to cover it up. However, he looses his cool during Farha’s Mehndi and hits Mariam. I think it will be really very foolish for Mariam to bear Ahmed’s abusive relationship, she knows Ahmed and his family’s reality! She should now take some crucial step!

Next week’s promo shows Mariam finally opening up in front of her parents and refusing to go with Ahmed. What will happen next is what we’re eager to find out. Will Mariam be strong and take a step for herself or will she again mellow down and accept Ahmed as he is?

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