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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episode 13 & 14 Review: Ahmed succeeds in dragging Mariam back to Malaysia

Mariam shares her hardships with Affan


Kaisa Hai Naseeba on aired another of its double episodes revolving all around the miseries and hardship of Mariam which seem never ending. The play strongly points out how families need to be aware before sending off their daughters abroad. Ahmed Bhatti as the directer has delivered brilliantly. We’re now hating Muneeb Butt as Ahmed and Uzma Gillani as Musarrat because they bring across despicable characters with so much ease.

The episodes starts when Ahmed is continuously failing in pretending to be all good, caring and loving husband as he looses his cool at every small thing. He slaps Mariam just because she wears  a sari on her sister’s wedding function! He does apologize but Mariam now clearly understands Ahmed’s game and she realizes the fact that Ahmed will always remains the same.


Well Ahmed is doing all the drama of being all good and caring just because he wants to drag Mariam back to Malaysia that too because he is intending to punish her! Mariam is a sensible and sensitive girl she realizes that she cannot raise this sensitive topic in front of her parents at the time when her family is busy in her sister’s wedding and she cannot spoil her family’s name so she is trying hard to endure all what she goes through with. Basically she does not want to add any problem in her parents lives but it is a fact deep inside she is broken and her soul is dead.


Mariam is going well and enduring all till the day when really mean and selfish Ahmed shows his true colors, he looses his cool over seeing Affan wearing a cool and expensive watch and when he comes to know that it was a gift from Mariam and him, he even gets more mad. Well he is clever enough not to show his anger in front of all but when he is alone with Mariam in the room he spews all the venom. Ahmed yells and tries to scandalize Affan with Mariam. Mariam’s patience level reaches its culmination and she is now resolute that she will not go to Malaysia!


Mariam raises this issue in front of her parents who get shocked but the cunning Ahmed is successful in deceiving his Mamoo with his own side of story and tries to make Mariam bad in front of her parents. Well Mariam’s mother has realized that Mariam is right but they are just helpless.

Mariam shares her hardships with Affan too and tells him that she does not want to go to Malaysia. Mariam’s father is thinking about this matter when Ahmed and his mother create a drama about her heart attack. Ahmed is successful in deceiving Mariam’s parents and she is dragged back to Malaysia where Ahmed tears her passport in front of her. Ahmed has now cut Mariam’s wings!

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