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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episode 6 Review: Mariam’s life is a real mess!

Mariam is totally shackled


Kaisa Hai Naseeban has on aired its 6th Episode last night and it seems like problems in Mariam’s life are never ending. The drama is raising a very prominent issue of marrying off girls to abroad prospects without even doing any necessary research.

Here, Mariam is stuck in Malaysia and her parents have no way to find out what their daughter is going through with her in laws and husband. The story for Kaisa Hai Naseeban has been all very artfully penned down by the writer Sameena Aijaz and helmed by Ahmed Bhatti, who has extracted some fine performances from Ramsha Khan, Uzma Gilani and also Muneeb Butt.

The episode begins when Mariam’s father is facing extreme difficulty in arranging the money and moreover he hears the shocking order that he has to leave his house or otherwise has to pay the rent. He is in absolute financial crisis but he is an extremely responsible and loving father that he in such difficult phase of life is not ready to even discuss his hardships with his daughter. Even when his daughter shares her plans that she is interested in doing a job, her father makes it clear that her only responsibility is to focus on her studies and he also says that he is not in favor of her doing job so he will not allow her for it.

Mariam’s father character is in contrast with Ahmed who is so shameless that he forcefully makes his wife earn money instead of realizing her own responsibilities and obligations.He is such a mean and greedy person that he is taking full care of Mariam when she is ill because he does not want her to make more days off as there will be deductions in her salary! Poor Mariam who is fancying that her husband is taking good care of her faces the harsh reality when she just makes a wish to visit a place, Ahmed with his old ugly self starts yelling on her that he cannot afford her to take any more off from work.


Poor Mariam’s life is in a real mess! Her problems seems never ending, her colleague suggests her to leave such s mean and abusive relationship behind and she offers her help in this regard too but Mariam replies that she cannot do that. She cannot even share all her miseries with her parents! Mariam is shocked to learn that she cannot have her own salary in her hands, all her salary directly gets transferred to her husband’s account.

Mariam’s sister Farah is shown as a responsible and wise girl, she wants to support her family in their difficult time and is so concerned that she do not want anyone’s else support in this regard not even Affan’s because she does not want to get into any kind of trouble because of him.

The things at Mariam ends get even worse when Muqeem misbehaves with her midway. He demands  money and moreover offers her to get into relationship with him if she does not want to return the money. Shocked Mariyam slaps Muqeem, unknowing about the consequences she is now going to face.

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