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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episodes 17 & 18 Review: The height of atrocities!

Kaisa Hai Naseeban, one of the most trending drama serials on Pakistan television these days. Tune into it and you’ll feel your blood boiling at the atrocities poor Mariam has to go through at the hands of her own aunt and cousin (who is her husband). Week after week we see Mariam struggling to find one good thing that could make her stay but now we’re sure that this girl has had enough. Finally, after losing her baby and her chance to become a mother for the rest of her life, Mariam perhaps has finally woken up from her slumber and realized who monsters her aunt and husband are.

The issue of marital violence and abusive relationships is very brilliantly raised by the writer Samina Ijaz in Kaisa Hai Naseeban and well helmed by Ahmed Bhatti. Ramsha Khan has given incredible performance in the play as domestic violence victim. But it is Uzma Gillani and Muneeb Butt who stand out as Musarrat and Ahmed. You’ll be disgusted with Ahmed and hate Musarrat on site. Such is the conniving nature of their characters and the two have nailed them.

In the last episodes we have seen that Waheed has intervened and managed to save Mariam and taking her along with him at his home. Sana is trying to tolerate Mariam at her place but then one night she catches Mariam and Waheed talking in the living room and she makes a lot of hue and cry that they are having an affair.  Waheed cannot stand this rubbish so he drops Sana at her parents home in a furious mood.


There Sana fuels her mother and brother against Mariam, that she is having an affair with Waheed. Ahmed gets mad and goes Waheed’s place where he shouts so loudly that neighbors file a complain against him and he gets arrested. While Waheed is with Mariam and she is hospitalized.The other day Mariam goes back to her home despite of Waheed’s disapproval. Sana gets mad at her and upon Ahmed’s arrival fuels him even further. Ahmed beats the hell out of Mariam and pushes her hard. Mariam, who is pregnant, not only loses her child but also the ability to conceive for the rest of her life.


Mariam’s Phupo tries to deceive the doctors by making a story against Mariam but Waheed timely intervenes and tell the doctors the actual story and thinks about fling a case of marital abuse. Waheed cannot stand such brutality and ugliness of his in laws and wife so he finally divorces Sana ending up his relationship with them. Mariam on the other hand is still reluctant to sign any papers because she wants to go back to her parents. Waheed is supporting her like a brother in all her decisions.


Ahmed is now afraid and has flown off to Pakistan to save himself from the police. But his fate doesn’t look good from what we have seen in the teasers. And trust us, its high time that justice be served and Mariam take a stand for herself. We’re eagerly waiting for the next episode of Kaisa Hai Naseeban, are you?

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