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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episode 21 & 22 Review: Is Mariam getting stronger?

We'd like to see the drama move a bit further ahead in terms of story


Yesterday saw two more episodes of drama serial Kaisa Hai Naseeban went on air and there have been only a few developments ever since Mariam came back to Pakistan. We see how Mariam is picking up pieces of her life but what we don’t like is the fact that Mariam is getting increasingly dependent on Affan. The story in these two episodes seemed dragged but even then we’re waiting to see how things will end for Mariam and will Ahmed let her be in peace.

Mariam’s father is getting better but it seems that Ahmed’s negligence has done the damage. He is weak but still tries to be strong for his family. Jamal is a kind man, unlike his sister, who focuses on putting up the best act for everyone, even her own children.


Ahmed, although as evil as he is, has always been lucky in terms of meeting good people. He has been on the streets after cheating the petrol pump owner and now, is once again working for an honest man whom he constantly cheats of his money.

Despite what he has suffered from, Ahmed still hasn’t learnt any lesson and still wants to hurt Mariam as much as he can.


Mariam is picking up the pieces of her life. She has landed a good job as an event planner but her increasing dependence on Affan is uncalled for and seems weird. Mariam, after having suffered what she has gone through, should have been shown to be a bit reserved around men, but here she is, calling Affan every second asking him for reassurance, even though she knows he is her sister’s husband.


Musarrat Apa has decided to go to Pakistan and shake some sense into her brother. She is shameless and remorseless for whatever atrocities she carried out with Mariam and plans to pack her bag and make the big move. On the other hand, Sana has clearly refused to go along with her and lands at Waheed’s place to apologize and ask him to remarry her. This pisses off Waheed further and he shuns Sana, throwing her out of his house.

This week we saw impressive performances by Ramsha Khan and Muneeb Butt. Uzma Gilani was her usual self while Agha Mustafa also impressed. However, we’d like to see the drama move a bit further ahead in terms of story and the useless plot of Affan-Mariam put aside for the actual story.

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  • The fact that no steps to initiate divorce on Maryam account have been taken or any legal. Repercussion such as Fir and getting him arrested and out in jail until his case pending says a lot about the pace of this drama. I fear it won’t reply progress. Just regress while going round and round in circles. Wife beating, verbal, physical and mental abuse, conning people out of their money (40 lakh) and causing somebodys abortion and taking away their ability to carry children and this motherhood is apparently not viewed as crime in our society and carry no consequences under law. Good to know.

    So expect the drama to just drag out and a possible miraculous cure of a misogynist and Maryam going back to him. Didn’t her mother in a scene tell Maryam to take Ahmed back and ask him for forgiveness. Like what??? Hi abuser so sorry for leaving, now I am back. You may carry on hitting me and I will carry on slaving away both in and outside the house. Sure sounds like a good deal. Very respectful union…. Not.

    I guess we will will have to wait a while longer for courageous new stories where women are shown as heroines, fighters, fearless and not submissive. Women like we saw in Kankar, in Cheekh (so far) , Tanhaiyan.

    Fear only Allah. Husbands or men are not God, majazi or other. They are humans like women and equal to women. Different but equal. Allah gave us great beautiful rights. Rights with which we don’t have to accept abuse or mistreatment. We are entitled to be treated with love. Not all men are bad. But they se dramas are doing nothing for the inage of men or women. Show men as carers, defenders and lovers. Oh the joy wait.

    Maryams own father is like watching a toddler in a man’s body. He is so irresponsible with regards to bothfamily and finances. Who mortgages their house to pay for a wedding he or his sister can’t afford? Just learn to say no. Koi Maan nahin tut ta. If it wasn’t for his other son in law he would have made himself and his wife homeless. His ill conceived and wrong priorities and childish denial of all reality manners have cost his daughter her bility to have children. She was right to blame him. But she is also reponsible. She could have escaped from that situation instead of staying for 8months. If this was me. Let’s just say Ahmed wouldn’t be able to become a father either by the time I was through with him. Sabr, compromise are not synonymous for women. Don’t marry if you can’t do justice to the woman. She is your garment as you are hers. Who rips and tears their own garments?

    But let’s see how the remainder turns out. Don’t have my hopes up.

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