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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Last Episode review: A powerful end!

You shall reap what you sow!


This world is a reaping ground for what you sow. You do bad, you’ll get bad. Life comes a full circle before anybody is given a chance to depart from this world. And so we saw in the last episode of Kaisa Hai Naseeban. Sameena Aijaz wrote a powerful story, which might have shown a woman being a victim of domestic violence but she surely knew how to raise her protagonist from the ashes, gloriously, like a phoenix.


What we feel is that Mariam’s character was confident and powerful from day one. She accepted Ahmed’s behavior and did not make a sound because she was afraid for her parents. Thanks to Ahmed’s and Musarrat’s manipulation, Mariam was often waylaid since she was innocent to believe that good existed in just about everyone.

As for Ahmed and Musarrat, these were people who did not think about their deeds, considering themselves demigods. They forgot that life has to end and we’re repeatedly told Karma works in its own ways.


The last episode was not only engaging, it was highly satisfying. Mariam was able to prove her case in the court where she was granted a divorce (khula). However, an adamant and arrogant Ahmed did not pay heed to the court’s order and tried to run free from the police, resulting in a major accident which left him bed ridden for the rest of his lives. On the other hand, Mariam blossomed like a flower once she was out of her abusive relationship. She excelled in her career and achieved success, making the audience happy.

A husband and a wife are a pair who ought to stick together. Had Ahmed lovingly convinced Mariam to work alongside him and shared equal responsibilities, there wouldn’t have been trouble in their paradise. Kaisa Hai Naseeban taught us a number of lessons; first, its not good to stay quiet and let people override your self respect. Second, identify abuse from the get go, physical, verbal, emotional and mental, abuse is abuse no matter what. Third, parents ought to thoroughly background check before marrying off their daughters, even if its family. Fourth, divorce is not a stigma. There is no end to domestic violence once it begins. Take a step the very first time. Fifth, compatibility is important so girls speak up if you don’t find a proposal acceptable. Ma baap ki izzat will stay intact if you choose to voice your opinion and take a stand for yourself.


Ahmed Bhatti as a director brought out some excellent peformances from the lead cast. Waseem Abbas as Jamal was impressive and so was Agha Mustafa as Affan. Muneeb Butt emerged as the star of the show alongside Ramsha Khan. We’ve always seen Muneeb play innocent characters and as Ahmed, he definitely changed his game. We now know, Muneeb Butt can play an antagonist with perfection and nail his character. Uzma Gillani is a veteran and no words can praise her performance as Musarrat. Ahmed and Musarrat were despicable, thanks to brilliant performances by Muneeb Butt and Uzma Gilani respectively.

A wonderful journey indeed, Kaisa Hai Naseeban won our hearts for what it was, an eye opener with the harsh realities of life, presented as they our.

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