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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-25 Review: Shamsher finally gets hired as a sales person

Mahek gets a job with much higher salary than Shamsher

ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is down with 25 episodes and makers are trying their best to glorify Shamsher as a hero. The performances are all good. In the previous episode, Shamsher gets officially disowned by Nawab Dilawar. In this episode, it is shown that Shamsher is searching badly for a job and he finally gets hired as a salesperson.

Well, the makers of the play are trying their best to glorify Shamsher as a hero. His journey of redemption is already in process. Poor guy is officially been disowned by his father, he is penniless and jobless. He is actually going through all hardships of life, the poor guy has to eat vegetables too. Well, that was quite a cute scene but all these hardships and struggles do not absolve him from what he had done.

Shamsher’s mother is in a very critical condition, he is being hospitalized. She names Shamsher every time she gains consciousness. Dara tells Baba Sahab that they should at least inform Shamsher about their mother’s condition but Baba Sahab strictly stops him he says that he will never allow Shamsher to come to this hospital. Nawab Dilawar is not ready to forgive Shamsher despite Dara requesting him to forgive him.

Mahek and Shamsher have job interviews on the same day. Shamsher drops Mahek at the interview location, Mahek wishes him Good luck with his job interview. What does it mean her heart is now melting towards him or it was just a formal wish? Mahek lands the job on her outstanding academic record and she is hired for a 45k Rupees salary. On the other hand, Shamsher gets rejected at his job interview for not having a stable record. He almost begs them to hire him to give him a chance but they refused him. Shamsher lost another opportunity he is disappointed.

On his way back he sees an ad for a job vacancy for a salesman job, Shamsher is so desperate to get a job that he thinks to get this a try too. He gives the interview and successfully lands a job as a Salesperson at the counter against 22k Rupees and one free lunch. When he comes back to pick up Mahek, she gives him the good news of getting hired and tells him her Salary which is 45K on which Shamsher lies telling that his salary is 50K. His ego and male chauvinism come in between. Well, we do feel sorry for Shamsher but he certainly is not a hero nor he can be redeemed for what he has done with Mahek.

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