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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-26 Review: Shamsher lost his mother

Baba Sahab does not let Shamsher see his mother's face for the last time

ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is 26 episodes down the play has taken quite a tragic turn with Shamsher’s mother’s death. Performances are good but in a few places, I see Danish Taimoor’s performance as a bit lacking. In the previous episode we have seen that Shamsher gets hired as a salesperson. In this episode, Shamsher lost his mother and Baba Sahab does not let him see his mother’s face for the last time.

The episode begins with Nida and Ahesun’s detailed Nikkah ceremony they are just dragging the episode by showing each and every ritual. The consent of both has been shown, I am still wondering why Nida agreed to marry Ahesun knowing that he loves her sister not her. Shamsher and Mahek are recalling their nikkah scenes when the nikkah of Nida and Ahesun is taking place.

Shamsher very quietly sits in a corner in the function. It seems that he is recalling his own nikkah scenes and it is now hurting him how he forced Mahek into this marriage. He does not go on the stage when he is being called for taking photos. He calls Dara and Dara despite of the fact that Baray Sahab has forbidden him to inform Shamsher about his mother’s critical condition. Shamsher’s world turns upside down, he rushes to the hospital leaving the nikkah ceremony in the middle.

Shamsher hurriedly goes to the hospital where he comes to know that his mother has passed away and her body is also been taken away. Shamsher rushes to his own house where Dara stops him from entering the house but he still enters the house. Baba Sahab embraces him but does not let him see his mother’s face for the last time despite Shamsher begging him. He blames Shamsher for her death and further says that he is also dead for him. He asks Dara to throw him out of the house.

Well, all that happens at the speed of light. His mother’s condition gets critical and died, her body has been discharged, and then her funeral has also taken place, on the other hand, Mahek is waiting for him at the Nikkah function and the nikkah ceremony has just concluded in this time span. What a lapse! When Mahek reaches home she sees Shamsher in the house weeping, she snubs him for leaving her at the function. Shamsher then tells her that his mother has died she embraces him. The question arises is Shamsher fully redeemed now?

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