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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-31 Review: Mahek and Shamsher are happy in their life

This episode is all about flashbacks

Ary Digital’s drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is 31 episodes down. The story has been dragged a lot, it must have been concluded by now. Performances are all on point. Makers of the story have successfully glorified Shamsher as a hero. The drama has grabbed massive views. In the previous episode we have watched that Mahek has claimed that Shamsher has won her. In this episode it is shown that Mahek and Shamsher are enjoying their life.

The first few minutes of the start of this episode is all about flashbacks which Shamsher is getting that how he has wronged Mahek. Shamsher tells Mahek about Sheroo’s death and also that Baba Sahab is behind his death. Mahek is terrified she tells Shamsher to back off from this fight as they cannot fight Baba Sahab’s juggernaut and she cannot afford to lose him in this fight.

Aehsun has turned into a vile person, he is such a loser that after getting married to Nida, he is treating her like a trash. On top of that Ahesun’s mother is making Nida’s life a hell. Our heart goes out for poor Nida. Ahesun is so vile that he has the audacity to tell Mahek that he is not happy with Nida because she is not like her.

There has not much happened in this episode except that Ahesun continues to mistreat Nida and on top of that he tells Mahek that he is not happy with her. However, Mahek tells Ahesun that she is very happy with Shamsher. Farwah and Sofia out of no where get the idea of teaming up with Ahesun and making use of him in executing their plan. They have not yet met Ahesun in this episode but Sofia is resolute to make use of him in separating Mahek and Shamsher.

Shamsher gets his first salary and he is over the moon. He takes Mahek out for shopping and the way they were shopping one wonders what they will going to get in just 30K Rupees. Mahek is trying to stop him from spending too much but he buys an expensive dress for her. The cafe scene is also quite cute where they both have to share pasta. In fact Mahek ordered sandwich first but then she sees Shamsher’s hesitant to make his order so she changes it to pasta something that Shamsher loves to eat.

The disturbing part is that Shamsher has been glorified as a hero and all his sins have been absolved! our heroine is head to heel in love with her own abductor. Well who cares? the play is garnering massive views and ratings.

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