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Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Ep-32 Review: Shamsher takes a bullet for Mahek

Baba Sahab gets shocked when he hears that instead of Mahek his son gets shot.

ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi teri Khudgharzi is 32 episodes down and still story does not seem near to its conclusion. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode we have watched that Shamsher and Mahek are enjoying their married life. In this episode we get to see that Mahek is expecting and Baba Sahab has once again attempted to kill Mahek but this time Shamsher takes the bullet for Mahek and saves her.

It is shown that Shamsher has turned into a new leaf, the makers have successfully glorified him as a hero and our heroine Mahek is now head to heel in love with him. We have also been shown that in that Stockholm syndrome Mahek has also consummated her marriage and now she is expecting a baby. By the way how much one can spend from 25000 Rupees Salary that Shamsher not just for Mahek but buys stuff for his parents-in-law.

Well one good thing about the play is that Ahesun has decided not to be part of any plan with Farwah and Sofia. Unlike the typical Raqeeb he is not plotting anything against Mahek and Shamsher. He clearly refuses Farwah and Sofia that he will not going to help them in any case as he does not intend to harm Shamsher and Mahek’s relationship. He further says that they will not expect him to help them in future as well because he is not going to change his mind.

Just like typical manner we get to know about Mahek’s pregnancy. She is feeling dizziness, Shamsher takes her to the hospital for checkup and there the doctor announces that typical line “Mubarak ho Aap Baap bunany walay hain” Shamsher is over the moon to hear this news. The couple is feeling ecstatic on hearing this revelation but little they know that their happiness is timely.

Baba Sahab once again is all set to kill Mahek and free his son from her, this time Baba Sahab has hired a new group of hitman to assassinate Mahek. As the couple is going to their respective workplaces. A hitman starts targeting Mahek while he takes quite a long time to focus on Mahek that Shamsher sees him and before he can fire straight towards Mahek. Shamsher runs and comes in between. Shamsher takes a bullet for Mahek and saves her. Mahek’s world turn upside down when she sees Shamsher in critical condition. Shamsher is taken to the hospital. Baba Sahab gets shocked when he hears that instead of Mahek his son gets shot. Will Shamsher survive this injury?

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