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Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-8 Review: Mahek is assassinated on her nikkah day

This epiosde is bids farewell to Mahek!

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-8 ReviewKaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ary Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi’s 8th episode comes to a drastic end. Performances are brilliant as usual but it is the narrative of the story which is problematic. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shamsher is excited about his nikkah. In this episode, on her nikkah day, Mahek gets assassinated by Shamsher’s father’s hitman. Mahek dies a very painful death. The acting of Shahood Alvi and Danish Taimoor is so real

Shamsher is all set for his nikkah preparations. He is insisting his mother accompany him for all his shopping for Mahek but she is reluctant and still, she is having thoughts about the decision. Shamsher is also taking Mahek’s family’s preparation matters into his hands as well. It is all a very regressive episode and the latter part is so heavy to watch.

Shamsher is presented as a romantic hero, despite his so negative and problematic behavior he is portrayed as a passionate lover and now the story is moving in the direction where he is been portrayed as a true lover. Well, Mahek’s giving up and thinking that she is sacrificing herself to save her family is such a regressive approach at least she should fight for her, or she should have raised her case on social media.

Shamsher’s father Nawab Sahab is playing another game. Apparently, he is posing as he has agreed to Shamsher’s nikkah and he wants each and every person in the family to attend his nikkah but on the other hand, he is planning something very evil. He calls his secret goon for this special mission to kill Mahek on her wedding day. Shamsher is shown to be so naive that he cannot understand why all of sudden his father becomes so supportive and also he does not get alarmed to see his special hitman getting out of his room.

Well, we all were praying that Mahek gets saved any way but to all our surprise we all get shocked to see poor Mahek dying a very terrible death. That hitman hits Mahek’s car with a truck when Mahek is on his way back from Salon attiring as a bride. Then that goon so brutally puts that car on fire. Mahek dies. We are wondering what is now left in this story? The story is taken a direction where Shamsher’s character might evolve and he may turn into a new leaf. Well, we are still shocked at poor Mahek’s terrible death. We will be going to miss the gorgeous Dur e Fishan in the scene hopefully will get her glimpses in the flashbacks.

Or there awaits a new twist in the story?

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