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Kala Doriya Episode-3 Review: Asfand and Mahnoor are like Tom and Jerry

Kala Doriya Episode-3 Review  – Hum TV’s Rom-Com Kala Doriya is 3 episodes down and it has somehow failed to win our hearts with a mediocre script and average punch lines. Performances are also short at few places. The forced fake Punjabi accents is a huge turn off. In the previous episode we have seen that the ugly tussle continues between the families. In this episode the animosity makes things even more ugly.

Mahnoor has created a scene at Munna’s house after which Munna reacts by giving a tight slap at Asfandyar’s face. Bari Ammi takes this as her own insult and she is all set to leave the house, she plans to start living with her husband at Shirjeel’s house. However Munna stops her and he gives her his sake that if she will go there he will be humiliated. On top of that Asfand intervenes and cools down her grandmother.

Asfand takes his sweet revenge by flattening Mahnoor’s car’s tires. Well Mahnoor and Asfand’s relationship reminds us of Tom and Jerry. They both are bugging after each other. Mahnoor and Asfand regardless of place and situation always fighting with each other. They had a really loud argument in the University library after which they both end up expelling from the university for a week not just both of them their two close friends also pay the price of their friendship.

Gohar and his relationship dynamics with both Mahnoor and Asfand are quite interesting. One feels that he might be interested in Mahnoor well Asfand right now is quite okay with it. He hates Mahnoor and this hatred turning into love is what Saima Chaudhry is famous for. All her romantic comedy moves around hate turning love stories. We also get to know that Gohar’s father is also Mahnoor’s father’s business partner and he faces a huge loss in the business.

This whole episode belongs to Samina Ahmed, as a romantic Bari Amma she looks so cute. Our heart goes put for this elderly couple who are forced to live separately at this age because of their children’s hatred. Mahnoor’s side family seems even more toxic. The way they have cut off all the ties with their daughter is so mean. Zainab Qayyum’s Punjabi accent is a huge turn off. Well on the whole I am afraid to say that this rom-com is quite an average one nothing like Saima Akram Chadhry’s previous projects. Kala Doriya has no novelty value, its characters, lines, dialogues all seems familiar and known.

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