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Kamzarf drama review: A strong storyline with easy entertainment

Asim and Fari play cupid for Azar and Fauzia


Sometimes when one sits infront of the television, all they want to do is watch something without having to go down deep into a thought. But at the same time, if something entertaining teaches you a few life lessons, it definitely turns out to be plus. Mentioning this here, we’d like to say how the drama Kamzarf on Geo, without offering lectures, entertains you and also teaches you about acceptance, patience and goodness.

The drama revolves around 4 siblings, the eldest Aima, played by Nadia Khan. Aima is mean and selfish to the point that she doesn’t care about her siblings and their happiness. Yes she has looked after them after her parent’s death but she now wants complete control over their lives. She successfully breaks off her brother Azar’s (Junaid Khan) heart, forbidding him to marry the girl of his choice and weds him (albeit reluctantly) to Fauzia (Rabab Hashim) whom he absolutely hates.

10 episodes down, the story has shown major development  where Azar is starting to develop feelings for his wife Fauzia. But even then Aima cannot see them happy. It seems  she wants them to remain separated so that she can manipulate them well. Aima’s is such a selfish and mean character and Nadia Khan has brilliantly played the role..


Asim (Ali Ansari) is really worried for Fauzia and tries his best to convince Azar to go and bring her back but Azar is resolute that he won’t bring her. Although deep inside he is missing her a lot but his ego is not letting him make any move. On the other hand, Fauzia too, is resolute that she will not go back to her house despite of her mother insisting her to return.


Asim and Faria discusses about their future life as Aima is not ready to approve their wedding. Faria tells Asim that she cannot wait long for him, to which Asim shares his family problems with her. She advices that they both should go alone to Fauzia’s place to bring her back. The plan works.


Azar apologizes to Fauzia for all his past mistakes, for not accepting her in his life and running after a person who does not belong to him. Fauzia is more than happy to see her husband accepting her and talking with her in such a compassionate tone. She simply cannot believe her ears. Everyone is happy on their union except Aima for whom it is not a pleasant surprise! Will she  attempt to create any differences between the couple? How strong will Azar and Fauzia’s bond be now after Azar has accepted Fauzia as his life partner?

Kamzarf with some competent actors on board is a good watch. The drama has a strong, very different storyline and keeps viewers engrossed through out. If you’re looking for something that goes easy on the eyes and the mind, Kamzarf on Geo Entertainment is for you.

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