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Kashf Episode-25 Review: Kashf clearly refuses to join back Astana

HUM TV’s drama serial Kashf is one fine Prime Time Watch with a unique storyline, amazing script, incredible performances, and brilliant execution. Although some of the characters of the play are not making much sense, Wajdaan is one such characters.

Wajdaan’s character is not showing any stability, in the previous episode he has been so angry with Kashf and he is posing as if he is enjoying Zoya’s company at Ashi’s Wedding but now he is back to that good old Wajdaan who only loves and cares for Kashf. Kashf clearly refuses in front of her father and mother that he is not going to sit back at Astana.

One of the creepiest scenes is when Ashi Phupho is sitting at the bed at her Wedding Night and instead of Ashi’s husband, her ex-husband Mattiuallah enters into the room, scaring the hell out of her. Ashi has realized that her husband has partnered with Mattiuallah in his scheming against Kashf and her Astana. Poor Ashi has realized that she is doomed. She is deeply hurt by the betrayal of her so-called lover, she cannot go back as her brother has already told her not to take divorce this time.

Kashf’s father makes a smart move, he immediately calls Mattiullah and tells him to arrange his and Zoya’s nikkah as soon as possible. Zoya’s world turn upside down when she hears her father saying that her Nikkah and ruksati with Mattiuallah are going to happen within an hour. Zoya clearly refuses to marry him but when her father insists she admits in front of all that she has partnered with Mattiullah in his scheming against Kashf and her astana. Mattiullah’s plotting gets busted in front of all. He is extremely furious over Zoya.

Mattiullah threatens Imtiaz but he does not seem to be affected. In fact, he is using this threat as an excuse to Kashf to make her join back the astana and save him from all Matiullah’s plottings. Kashf clearly tells him that she has promised her husband that she will never ever sit at astana. Imtiaz loses his mind and he starts threatening Wajdaan and Kashf, he even tries to pressurize Wajdaan that he will take his house but both seem unaffected and they are resolute that Kashf is not going to join the astana. On the other hand, Mattiullah is threatening Zoya that he will ruin her life.

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