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Kashf Epiosde-14 Review: Kashf once again has taken a stand, this time for her sister

Kashf the drama serial running at HUM TV is undoubtedly one of the finest of this season terms of its script, execution, and impeccable performances. This episode is again full of happenings, the best part of this episode is Kashf taking a stand for her sister and telling her father that if he will not let Erum marry the boy she wants then she will not sit on her astana. Hira Mani has given an incredible performance, in fact, her best performance so far.

Erum is having an affair with her van driver who apparently seems a typical flirt. The simple Erum gets so much courage that she expresses her desire to marry that boy with her mother telling her to stop looking for her proposals which her father overhears and snubs her. But Kashf intervenes and she takes a brave stand for her sister saying that if anyone will stop her from marrying the boy of her choice she will not sit on her astana. This is the right attitude her father deserves. It seems that Kashf is now fully aware of her strengths.

Kashf in her dreams sees a bad dream about her sister Erum suffering and crying and she also sees her Phupho in a miserable condition. She has sensed that she has wrongly sided with her sister without even knowing anything about the boy. Kashf calls Wajdaan and tells him to investigate about the boy who happens to be her college’s van driver. Well, Wajdaan too, has sensed that this man is not good although apparently he seems okay.

Meanwhile, Phupho on the other hand is also from head to toe in love with a man and she is always occupied on her phone, messaging him all the time. Her mother has also sensed that there is something fishy going on at her end. Phupho and Erum get so much courage that they start dating their lovers. Phupho goes on a proper date telling him that no one in her house actually cares for her except Kashf. Erum tells her lover to send his proposal on which he gets startled as if he has no intention of marrying her.

Kashf’s mother is busy with the preparations for Erum’s proposal. Wajdaan’s father is not feeling well it seems that there is something serious with him. Zoya is always there at her Taya’s side and she even gifts an expensive shawl to her Tayee from borrowing money from Kashf.

The episode ends when Mattiuallah meets Erum’s lover and he wants him to party him in some deadliest plotting against Kashf’s father and he agrees on it. Will Kashf be able to save her sister knowing that she is on her way to ruin herself? we have to wait for the next episode to find out.

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