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Kashf Episode-1 Review: Beginning of a mysterious tale of a seer

Kashf the newly started Hum TV drama serial is a unique yet mysterious tale of a seer, a girl Kashf who is blessed with the ability to foresee the future events happening in her life through her dreams. Penned down by Imran Nazeer and directed by Danish Nawaz, Kashf has Hira Mani and Junaid Siddiqui in the main leads. As Kashf is executed by Danish Nawaz our level of expectation from this project is already high because we expect it to be another classic play like Khaas and the first episode has somehow come up to it. A promising start.

The opening scene is when Kashf is having a vision of her in the graveyard then with her fiance and there her hand is pricked with a rose thorn, her dream ended on the voice of Azaan. According to a common belief if you see a vision at Fajar time it happens to be true. Then there is a morning scene a fresh yet pleasant introduction of the family. There is an old grumpy Dadi who is a typical oldie, then there is a mother whose sole purpose is to serve all. Kashf is portrayed as a pious girl with a clean heart.

There is a very strong character of Phuhpo unlike a typical one, she is extremely hardworking and empathetic. She respects her Bhabi and gives her the whole salary, in other words, she is the one who runs the house. Kashf’s father is good for nothing kind of a father and a misogynist who does nothing but curse her wife for not giving birth to a son and her mother always sides with him. Sadly this is the actual reason of men being misogynistic because they are raised in that way and they always have their mother’s backing.

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Kashf’s father and her phupho seem to have a bitter past, despite the fact that Kashf’s phupho is running the house her father still does not give her a right to even speak or object. He has still not given her due respect. He is so pathetic that he says he will not let her daughters marry until and unless he is offered a huge amount of Haq Mehar. On which Kashf is stunned. Kashf vision of rose thorn picking gets materialized when actually her finger gets pricked by a rose thorn in the graveyard she has visited with her dadi.

Kashf’s sisters are making fun of her dreams all the time even his fiance makes fun of it too. No one realizes the pain and the burden she goes through. Her fiance’s family is comparatively in a better financial position. Kashf’s Tayee her fiance’s mother does not like her and her family. She badly insults her when she asks her to borrow some money but kashf’s cousin Shumaila seems to be a nice and caring girl. The play ends when Kashf was having a very bad dream, she sees her cousin Shumaila who is to be married soon in her dream that her wedding function is taking place, she is dressed as a bride and then suddenly all guests have vanished and the bride is crying hard. Kashf is really upset to see this dream. Will she share her dream about Shumaila with her fiance who happens to be his sister?


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