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Kashf Episode-10 Review: Kashf sits at her own Astana

Kashf's father leaves Matituallah and makes a astana for Kashf at his own house

Kashf Episode-10 ReviewIn this episode Kashf sits at her own Astana - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Kashf one of the most thought-provoking drama serial airing at HUM TV raising many societal issues including corruption in the clergy. How people make fool of ignorant people in the name of spirituality and they treat it like a business. It is also raising some serious debate on feminism and misogyny. Performances were on spot. It is Junaid Khan’s best performance till date.

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The episode begins when some guests come with a proposal for Shumaila, they apparently look nice and decent people and they show an eagerness for engagement. However Shumaila’s mother this time says that she needs time to think. She is all set to seek Kashf’s advice. Kashf says that she will have a dream about her and let her know her views but Kashf’s father creates ugliness in the scene by shamelessly demanding money for this advice. He is embarrassing everyone.


Kashf sees a dream where Shumaila is happily getting married followed by Zoya and Wajdaan’s wedding. Kashf very humbly seeks Allah’s guidance in her prayers and she shares her dream with her Tayee advising her to marry off Shumaila here as it going to be good for her. Shumaila’s mother is more than happy to hear about this good news and she happily gives her some money which Kashf’s father shamelessly takes. Here he gets an inkling that Kashf has its own spiritual charisma then why he needs to take her to Mattiuallah’s astana and in return, he is getting no share but insults.


Kashf’s father tells Kashf that she is not going to Mattiuallah’s astana. He invests a good amount of money on marketing stuff and creates astana for Kashf at his own house where Kashf herself is going to meet people and solve their issues. Well, being such a pious person is it not disturbing Kashf that she is cashing her spirituality and she is merely created her own business? Well, one positive side of this is that Kashf becomes influential and she is in a position to preach those ignorant people who visit her astana and influence them positively.


Mattiuallah is not standing this, he tries to threaten Kashf’s father but then Wajdaan threatens him that he will create trouble for him if he ever tries to come here again. Wajdaan’s character is very powerful and charming. The scene where Wajdaan goes and tries to apologize Mattiuallah but then refuses and tries to manipulate him to lie to Kashf’s father about his fake apology is so powerful. We also love his scenes with Kashf they are simply beautiful. The way he used to visit Kashf at her astana wearing a burqa is so heart touching. This gem of person Wajdaan certainly does not deserve to marry such vile and creepy Zoya.

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