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Kashf Episode-11 Review: Kashf is apologetic to Allah for her misusing her spirituality

Kashf's father is shamelessly cashing her spirituality

Kashf Episode-11 ReviewIn this episode Kashf is apologetic to Allah for her misusing her spirituality - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Kashf drama serial running at HUM TV is among one of the finest play in the running with having brilliant execution and an incredible script powered by wonderful performances. The main theme of the play is unique and something less spoken off, it is about the corruption in the religious sector, how people exploit ignorant people in the name of spirituality. Hira Mani has nailed her character with so much finesse and Junaid Khan is also playing his role brilliantly.

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The episode begins when Kashf is trying to preach the women at her astana and in return she is gaining reverence but her father is shamelessly asking the visitors to put some money in the box for Langar. Then there comes a woman demanding that she wants Kashf to see a dream for her otherwise she will not pay as she knows all these things Kashf is preaching. It is saying volumes about our ignorant people mentality who always wants a miracle and are always in search of someone who will connect them to Allah, instead of having a direct connection with Allah.

Kashf’s father desperately wants Kashf to see dreams. His changed behavior with Kashf, his sudden caring and loving attitude towards her daughter calling her with endearing words is just reflecting his greed and ugly self. Kashf tries hard to tell his father that she cannot control her dreams. It is something God-given but her father insists to see dreams about the visitors.

Kashf finally sees a happy dream about a visitor woman and the next day she tells her about it and then when she comes out of the room, Kashf’s father demands her to put money in the box. The woman says that she does not have money on which Kashf’s father is so shameless and vile that he demands her to give him her gold bangle which she is wearing. Kashf has guilt that she is misusing spirituality and for that, she is continuously seeking Allah’s repentance and guidance.

Wajdaan is not leaving Kashf alone, he starts working at Kashf’s astana wearing a burka which looks hilarious too. However, that creepy and vile Zoya finds out that the burqa-clad woman who daily visits Kashf’s astana is Wajdaan. She tells him that she knows his secret and also threatens him that she will tell this to her father but then she tries to be good in his eyes she says that ” Chalo Nahi Batati”.

Shumaila gets engaged and this time Kashf’s mother once again seeks Kashf’s guidance to set the wedding date. Kashf is a real saint she is helping those who are doing bad with her like she is giving her money to Zoya for her college trip despite knowing that how she is always plotting against her.

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