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Kashf Episode-13 Review: The highlight of this episode is Kashf’s intense yet never-ending pain

Kashf one of the finest drama serial airing at Hum Tv is our new found love, be its leading cast or other supporting actors, director, and writer everyone has done its job remarkably well. The play so subtly touches some really important issues. The highlight of this episode is Kashf’s intense yet never-ending pain when she is pushed to live a life of saint where she cannot live like a normal and lively girl, she has to sacrifice her love and her life for her sisters.

The episode begins when Kashf sees Zoya in her dreams wearing Mehndi saying Wajdaan’s name, later she sees her in her astana asking her to pray that she will get her love of life and she also names her love Wajdaan. Kashf shares with her Phupho and her desire to marry off Zoya with Wajdaan as she thinks that Zoya cannot get a perfect match like him and for that, she asks Phupho for her support.

One of the most painful aspects of Kashf’s life is that now she has to live the life of a saint, she cannot wear colorful clothes like others nor she can marry. It is so painful that the girl who foresee other’s fortune through her dreams cannot fulfill her own dreams, let alone the materialization of those dreams she is not even allowed to have any dream for herself, her right of dreaming has been snatched by none other than her own father in the name of Spirituality.

The most satisfying part of this episode is that Phupho finally gets someone in her life who loves her and he seems like a very decent guy. It is good to see Phupho smiling after all the traumas, tortures, and pain she has gone through her life, she deserves happiness. Well it seems that girls of the house have got loveria, Erum seems in love with her van driver where Zoya is madly and shamelessly in love with Wajdaan. The way she sneaks into Wajdaan’s bedroom in the middle of the night when he is asleep is so creepy and says volume about her loose character.

Well, Kashf dreams that Mattiuallah is after them creating hurdles for her astana practice by intervening in his astana and starts targeting her and her father gets injured in the argument. Kashf gets worried. The next day this dream materializes in a way that an unknown woman starts blaming and shaming Kashf in the middle of her astana session then runs off. Kashf’s father follows the woman to Matiuallah’s Astana and there he very bravely confronts Mattiuallah that he will let go of such mischievousness in the future.

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