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Kashf Episode 15 Review: Kashf is turning bitter,as she carries burden and guilt of breaching her spirituality

Kashf is trying her best to save Erum

Kashf Episode 15 ReviewIn this episode Kashf is turning bitter,as she carries burden and guilt of breaching her spirituality - OyeYeah

Kashf is one of the finest drama serials airing at HUM TV in terms of its story and execution, the play is now becoming more and more intense but some twists and turns at the same time are also spoiling the beauty of the story. The performances are outstanding in this episode including by whole cast and particularly Hira Mani, it is her best performance till date.

It is shown that Kashf is a bit changed person now she is no more a patient and an obedient girl which she used to be. When she comes to know that her father has accepted Erum’s proposal she creates lots of hues and cries and for the first time, she blames her father for being too greedy that he has hastily accepted this proposal for money without even seeking her advice. She tells everybody that she has seen a bad dream about this proposal.

We know that this is actually Matiuallah who is trying to party with this boy who happens to be Erum’s lover, the boy is nothing but a typical flirt and a shady character. He is definitely playing with Erum’s heart but here Erum being a sane and a good girl tells Kashf that she is madly in love with him and she cannot imagine her life without him so she will marry him no matter what Kashf dreams about it, it is not confirmed that whatever she sees always comes true, all happens with Allah’s will. Kashf has no choice but to keep quiet and somehow her sister’s argument has convinced her too.

Phupho is also getting very desperate to meet her lover, the man although seems a decent guy, he silently sneaks into her room and Kashf sees them together. We are certainly very happy for Phuphu that she is getting her love of life but in the promos, it is shown that he is also being planted by Mattiullah! It seems a bit over the top and it is not making any sense, I mean they love each other for so long and then Mattiullah comes in between and marries her. Now, how come Phupho’s lover is showing reverence to Mattiullah! This track is simply not making any sense at all.

Kashf is turning bitter, one of the reason is the way she is being treated by her own family, her mother is also trying to cash her now. Another biggest reason is the burden of guilt she carries for breaching her spirituality. She gives an amulet to a woman and that for a negative purpose! just for money! Why she succumbs to these pressures she should have refused to do that but she did not and it is her biggest mistake. This sin of her will definitely bring adverse effects to her spiritual process and it seems that her overall personality is reflecting the effects of the sins in the form of her changed behavior.

Wajdaan’s father is critically ill and in this time period, Zoya has served his parents so well that Wajdaan’s mother wants to make Zoya her daughter in law. Wajdaan’s father dies at the time when Erum’s engagement is about to happen. This is again a point for Kashf to ponder, Kashf has already seen Wajdaan’s father’s death in her dream and now she clearly refuses this proposal herself when the family insists to carry on the rasam without realizing that death has just happened in this family. Is Kashf going to repent on her sin? Will Matiullah succeed in sabotaging Kashf’s astana’s business by using Erum’s and Phupho’s love game?

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