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Kashf Episode-16 Review: Mattiuallah’s intention is clear to ruin Kashf and her whole family

Erum is planning to elope with her lover

Kashf Episode-16 ReviewIn this episode Mattiuallah's intention is clear to ruin Kashf and her whole family - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

HUM TV’s Kashf is undoubtedly one of the finest drama serials in the running with its unique yet very interesting storyline and brilliant execution, powered by impeccable performances. Hira Mani and Junaid Khan have given their best of the performances to date. This episode is a bit slow, without much development of the story is shown except that Kashf is now taking a stand with her father on her religious matters and also that Erum is planning to elope with her lover.

The episode begins with Wajdaan’s father’s funeral scene where Kashf is seeing that she has exactly seen the same dead body lying in the same place in her dream. Kashf is resolute that now she is not going to let Erum marry Babar as she has seen bad dreams about her sister. It is so sad that Erum with such a good nature who always used to be Kashf’s biggest support is now doubting her sincerity just because Zoya is feeding her mind with venom against her.

Wajdaan is feeling so lonely and now he desperately wants to marry Kashf but she is not giving him any favorable reply. Why now, when she is so powerful and influential in her house, she is not taking a stand for her own self and telling her father that she wants to marry Wajdaan otherwise she will not sit in her astana? Why can’t she take a stand for her own self like the way she has taken for Erum?

Erum is planning to elope with her lover who is nothing but a typical flirt as it is shown he is also planted by Mattiuallah. His intention is to ruin her and her whole family. He offers Erum to secretly do Nikkah with him. Erum’s engagement gets fixed somewhere else but she is not happy with it. Phupho is still dating her lover, he has given her an expensive ring and sort of purposed her. Matituallah is behind him as well, how creepy it sounds that he being an old lover of Ashi, knowing that Matiuallah is her ex-husband is partying him and showing him so much reverence what a deceitful man!

Kashf has started taking stands on important aspects of her life too. When she says that she has to offer Namaz and she cannot see more visitors her father again tries to pressurize her by saying that he needs money for Erum’s wedding on which Kashf very straight fully tells her father that she knows that he has enough money for her marriage and also that Allah will have to take care of all this not her.

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