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Kashf Episode 2 Review: Kashf’s dream comes true and it seems that it will lead towards her doom

This newly started drama serial at Hum TV is a mysterious story about a girl Kashf whose dreams become true and she is living with the burden and pain of those dreams. The play is very brilliantly penned down by Imran Nazeer and brilliantly executed by Danish Nawaz. Hira Mani has given an incredible performance, Junaid Khan also playing his role impressively well.

Kashf is so naive that she narrates her bad dream about Shumaila’s wedding to Wajdaan as he is insisting her to share her dream. Well, Wajdaan very cool and reasonably reacts to it but Wajdaan’s mother overhears her dream and she starts blaming her for ill-wishing about her daughter. Kashf is extremely worried. Well, it is certainly a mistake on Kashf’s behalf to share a bad dream, bad dreams are not meant to be shared like that, her dream is also not taken well by Wajdaan’s parents.

Kashf’s poor mother is extremely worried about her daughter, she is fearing that it may affect her engagement if God forbid anything bad happens with Shumaila on her wedding day. Wajdaan’s mother goes to Kashf’s place and snubs her for sharing her dream so insensitively about her daughter. Kashf’s mother sends Kashf along with her phupho to a Buzurg for seeking some blessing for her. He tells her that she is blessed with something from Divine not all but pure souls are blessed with such foreseeing powers and he also advises her not to share about her dreams with anyone.

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On her way back Phupho encountered a man who happens to be her husband, she gets terrified to see him. She recalls some horrendous experiences of her abusive marriage which are still scaring the hell out of her. Well, the good thing about Wajdaan and her sister is that they understand Kashf so well Shumaila says that she knows Kashf has never thought anything bad for her, dreams can come to anyone. It looks so weird that Kashf’s youngest sister despite knowing that Kashf is engaged to Wajdaan is eyeing Wajdaan. Kashf sees another vision where she sees her youngest sister as Wajdaan’s bride. Then she has also noticed that how her sister shows great interest in Wajdaan and his family.

Well, what Kashf is fearing actually happens, her dream about Shumaila not getting married comes true. Shumaila’s groom dies in a car accident. Wajdaan’s mother is not ready to spare Kashf at any cost. She is believing that Kashf is an ill omen for her daughter and also she accuses her of being an ill wisher for Shumaila. She clearly tells her that she is breaking her engagement with Wajdaan on which Wajdaan strongly opposes. Will he able to convince her mother that Kashf has never ill wished for his sister, it is just destiny and it is just that Kashf has viewed it in advance?

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