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Kashf Episode 20 Review: Kashf and Wajdaan are nikkahfied

Kashf drama serial airing at HUM TV is one of the best ongoing serials in terms of its story and execution. This episode is quite fast-paced, in this episode despite all odds, Kashf and Wajdaan’s nikkah takes place. Zoya faces a huge disappointment. Performances are impeccable be it Hira Mani, Junaid Khan, Sabeena, or Waseem Abbas, each performance is just amazing.

Kashf is extremely disturbed about the disgrace that viral video has brought for her, she clearly knows that Zoya is behind all this. She has partied with Matiullah and she is the one who is after her staining her spotless character. Kashf bravely confronted Zoya but Zoya tries her best to conceal her act through her acting and to our surprise Kashf’s mother and even her Dadi are also shaming Kashf for disgracing them. Only Kashf’s father is the one who is still supporting her.

Kashf’s father has sensed rightly that it is Matiullah’s plotting, he goes at his place and challenges him. Kashf’s father is very smart, he gets a smart idea. He tries to vindicate Kashf from that objectionable video in front of all her followers. He tells them that Kashf is engaged to Wajdaan since her childhood and her nikkah is scheduled to happen with Wajdaan this week and he invites all her followers to witness her nikkah of course with Nazranas.

Mattiullah’s game once again failed because of Kashf’s father’s smartness. Zoya feels like her world has turned upside down, she faces huge disappointment. Zoya is so void of self-respect that she still shamelessly goes at Wajdaan’s house and begs him not to marry Kashf instead of marrying her she pleads him to marry her. Even Wajdaan is shocked to see Zoya’s selfishness. He clearly refuses her again but still, shameless Zoya is after him.

Well despite of Kashf’s dreams Kashf’s nikkah takes place. She in the presence of all her family members and followers performs Nikkah with Wajdaan. Zoya is crying at a corner but she is resolute that she will not let them live in peace. Well, it is shown that only Nikkah is done, rukhsati is yet to happen. Kashf is feeling that her life is not going to change as she still has to sit at her Astana but Wajdaan promises her that he will take her away from all this. Will Wajdaan be able to fulfill his promise? Will Matiullah able to fulfill his promise of Zoya marriage with Wajdaan? Will Kashf able to happily get married and settled with Wajdaan despite seeing dreams over and over of him marrying Zoya?

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