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Kashf Episode 21 Review: Kashf and Wajdaan begin their new life journey

Kashf's father reminds Kashf of the promise to continue running the astana

Kashf Episode 21 ReviewIn this episode Kashf and Wajdaan begin their new life journey - OyeYeah Drama Review

Kashf the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch with its brilliant execution and equally incredible script. The play has become more interesting with Kashf and Wajdaan’s as the marriage takes place, this was the much-desired event and the audiences are very happy with it. Hira Mani, Junaid Khan, Sabeen Farooq, Waseem Abbas all have given brilliant performances in this episode.

Kashf’s wedding is much desired by the audiences as well and eventually, her ruksati takes place without any hurdle. Kashf’s greedy father is more than happy to see the number of gifts and nazranas he received on Kashf’s wedding. It makes him realize that his decision of marrying off Kashf is not wrong. Zoya is crying at a corner of the house, despite all her ill wishes and cursing Kashf happily marries Wajdaan in presence of her followers.

Well, one of the character transformation in the play is not making any sense at all, Kashf’s mother is one such character she used to be a humble, good nature woman and now when she has shifted to the new house it seems that she has turned into a new leaf as well, she acts like a typical start-up, greedy and arrogant. The way she is insulting Wajdaan and his mother for not having enough luxuries at their house is all bad taste. She cruelly taunts Wajdaan and her mother on their financial condition, it seems that her attitude might create troubles for Kashf’s married life.

Zoya calls Mattiullah and shares with him her disappointment over not fulfilling the promise he has made with her. He assures her that he will surely help her in marrying Wajdaan but for that, she has to wait. Phupho on the other hand is so desperate to marry her lover that she suggests that if her family will not agree she will elope with him, but surprisingly Ashi’s lover is not interested in eloping with her and Matiuallah is also not interested in her elopement.

Wajdaan and Kashf are having a beautiful time together, they have happily started their married life. Kashf’s greedy father is eager to open the Astana as soon as possible he wants no break while on the other hand, Wajdaan plans a surprise honeymoon trip. Kashf’s father very rudely reminds Kashf of her promise of sitting on the astana and he allows her to go on the trip only for 2 days otherwise he will take a step against her and Wajdaan, he says that if he can marry her with Wajdaan he can break that marriage too. Kashf is heartbroken at her father’s threat. Will Wajdaan and Kashf go against her father’s will?

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