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Kashf Episode-3 Review: Kashf is suffering a lot because of her dreams

Kashf's areams are some sort of divine revelations

Kashf-Episode-3-ReviewIn this episode Kashf is suffering a lot because of her dreams - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum Tv’s drama serial Kashf is unique one yet very interesting having a mysterious storyline.  The drama is dealing with a unique story which revolves around a seer Kashf character played by Hira Mani, well the character is quite relatable and there are people out there in the world who see future events through their dreams, it may seem exciting to us but for them, it is a burden and continuous pain they go through for not being not treated well by people.

Kashf is paying a lot for sharing her true dream with her fiance, and when that dream comes true she is labelled as a cursed person. Wajdaan’s mother accuses her of being an ill wisher for her daughter and she has accused her of her daughter’s doom. She breaks her engagement and she nor Shumaila is ready to listen Kashf. Even Kashf’s own dadi and father blames her for bringing a curse on the family. It is also shown that neighbors are too blaming Kashf as a cursed girl.


Wajdaan, on the other hand, is extremely worried because he passionately loves Kashf and he cannot think to leave her, he knows that it is not her fault if she has dreamed anything about the misfortunate future event. Kashf again visits the reverent Molvi along with her Phupho who advises her not to share any of her dreams with anyone because dreams are divine revelations and not everyone has the vision to comprehend the signs from the divinity.


It looks so disgusting that Kashf’s youngest sister is in a very jolly mood since Kashf’s engagement breaking incident happened. How come one falls for a guy who she herself knows passionately loves Kashf and he is engaged to her sister! Wajdaan comes to meet Kashf and tells her mother that he is only going to marry Kashf no matter what happens. Then Kashf dreams another vision where he sees Wajdaan as a Malang who is doing a dhamal and the setting is some sort of a shrine where she is at some reverent position.


Once again the dream has disturbed Kashf she wants to share it with Wajdaan but she does not share it with him. She is a pure soul she seeks guidance from Allah. She once again visits that reverent Buzurg who does not share the exact meaning of the dream but tells her that she will be soon blessed with reverence. Then there is an entry of a character a Khadim at the Buzurq’s astana who comes to escort them out of the place but Phupho recognized him immediately and tries to avoid him. It seems that Phupho has a very disturbing past.

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