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Kashf Episode-5 Review: Kashf’s father sets her price!

Kashf father is marrying her off against a hefty amountt of Haq Meher

Kashf-Episode-5-ReviewIn this episode Kashf's father sets her price - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Kashf the mysterious themed drama serial running on HUM TV is a play tackling with a very sensitive topic about spiritualism and dreams, so far the play is carrying this theme so well. The writer Imran Nazeer has penned the script so well and director Danish Nawaz’s execution is commendable too. Hira Mani has performed her character of Kashf pretty well.

Kashf wants to escape this burden of knowing and for that she keeps herself up all night so that she won’t be able to dream anything. The way she expresses her never-ending pain and burden with Wajdaan is so heart wrenching. Wajdaan’s love for Kashf is so pure and the way he is expressing his love and respect for her makes him a real gem.


Kashf’s mother takes him to the reverent Molvi Sahab where Kashf expresses her pains and struggles she goes through, she is telling him that she does not want to carry this burden of knowing and moreover Kashf says that she does not find herself deserving for the position Allah has bestowed upon her on which the Molvi Saab shows great reverence to her by saying that she is a blessed soul because Allah only chooses humble people for spiritual guidance. Matiullah’s novice is hearing all this conversation between Kashf and Molvi Saab. He later shares this insight with Matiullah.


Wajdaan is so caring that he takes Kashf with her to a psychiatrist, well Wajdaan’s intentions were pure he clearly wants to help Kashf out from the mental turmoil she goes through. However the psychiatrist’s portrayal is a bit absurd she handles her very casually and moreover she mocks Kashf’s dreams too which is a very insensitive act. Well, it may be shown like that because usually doctors and psychiatrists they do not believe in spiritualism and power of dreams so maybe she behaved accordingly but her behavior is not professional at all.


Kashf’s father is all set to cash Kashf as much as he can. He is marrying her off to a family who is ready to pay a hefty amount of Haq Meher to him. The helplessness of Kashf’s mother is so heartbreaking how she begs Wajdaan’s mother for Wajdaan’s proposal but Wajdaan’s mother insults her in return. Even Kashf phupho seems failed in arguing against this proposal when Kashf’s Dadi simply asks her that if she has any proposal for her and then she is free to suggest otherwise they have to marry her off and they cannot force Wajdaan’s family.

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