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Kashf Episode-9 Review: Wajdaan is following Kashf at Mattiullah’s astana

Kashf a thought-provoking drama serial airing at HUM TV is one perfect prime time watch. Imran Nazeer has written a very well thought script and brilliantly executed by Danish Nawaz. Hira Mani is nailing her character as Kashf with her brilliant performance and Junaid Khan has also given one of his best performance too. In this episode not much story development is shown, Mattiuallah continues his cheating he is not giving Kashf’s father her due share and Wajdaan follows Kashf at Mattiullah’s Astana.

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Well the way Kashf’s father is treating Kashf nicely just because he is expecting her to bring huge amount of money is making him even more hate-able. What Mattiullah is doing with Kashf’s father is what he truly deserve, he is insulting Kashf’s father by lying that he has not earned a bit well in real he has gotten lots of money but he snubs Kashf’s father each time he asks for money and this is the kind of behavior Kashf’s father truly deserve but certainly, not  Kashf.


Phupho is jobless but why she is not looking for other jobs? Why she is just sitting home and praying? Why she is letting her bhabhi work as a sweeper? then there is that creepiest sister how can a sister be so vile and creepy? She so shamelessly tells the postman that she is Wajdaan’s wife and then how shamelessly she is bugging Wajdaan when she clearly knows that he truly loves her elder sister. This sister rivalry is so disturbing and out of proportion.


Wajdaan’s character is such beautifully portrayed, he is a gem of a lover. He follows Kashf at his astana too where Kashf is being badly snubbed by Mattiuallah for speaking truth to the people and not lying them about her dreams. Wajdaan intervenes and insults Mattiuallah for running his so-called business in the name of astana and threatens him that he will call the police if he will not going to apologize Kashf on his rude behavior and further offers his help that he will handle the angry public in the astana for him. Mattiuallah has no choice but to apologize.


It seems that Kashf has sensed that Mattiuallah is deliberately not giving a fair share to her father, she is trying to investigate this matter from her father but then his father sees Wajdaan in the lane and he remembers Mattiuallah complaint about him. Kashf’s father asks Wajdaan to apologize Mattiuallah and not to intervene in Astana matters which Wajdaan clearly refuses to do on which Kashf’s father threatens him that he will to leave his wife, Wajdaan’s chachi who he loves alot. What a vile character!

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