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Khafa Khafa Zindagi -Episode 18 Review

Taking the road towards a very unexpected & surprising turn.


Khafa Khafa Zindagi is perhaps one of the most liked productions of Sadia Jabbar which is well written by Kifayat Rodani. The entire drama has been worth watching since the first episode and has created a huge fan base ever since then, played Sumbul Iqbal as Sara and Ali Safina as Bilal.


The story is about a couple whose love marriage comes to an end because of the monetary problems and how both the families take the situation in their own hands speaks to the audience on a very deep and personal level as many can easily relate to it. One of the most relatable aspects of this drama is how love succumbs in the hands of in-laws and how they can be the cause of destruction in their children’s marital lives.

The recent episode of Khafa Khafa Zindagi begins with Gulzar hiding under Sara’s bed as her mother and sister knock on the door to investigate the voices coming from her room. Sara handles the situation but her mother and sister leave the room still doubtful at Sara’s behaviour.

In Bilal’s house, Rameen is shown taking good care of Khirad. Even though Bilal’s sister and mother insist that they will take care of Khirad, Rameen stays adamant saying Bilal has given her the responsibility to take care of Khirad and she will only give her back to Bilal when he gets back home.

Afroze warns Bilal that both Sara and Bilal are blinded by what they are made to see and must soon learn to trust their own selves. She gets back home in anger telling Sara that Bilal has been roaming like crazy in search for his son, visiting all hospitals and even cold rooms while you sit in your room doing office work.

Amber and Abid’s sister try to ask Rameen what her intentions are with Bilal saying that they doubt she has a liking for Bilal and wants to know the truth of the matter so they can proceed to make their relationship official. At first, Rameen denies but later she says she will think about it.

In the next scene, we are shown how Abid is called by Sara’s mother at home for lunch and she does everything in her hands to bring together Sara and Abid.

The drama ends with Afroze still trying to convince Bilal that they get back together or else they will lose Khirad as well just like they are losing Gulzar.

The wait for the next episode is keeping the audience in full suspense. Will Bilal and Rameen end up together? Will Sara and Abid get married under her mother’s pressure? Or will Bilal and Sara realize that they are meant to be? Keep Watching Khafa Khafa Zindagi every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on APlus Entertainment.


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