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Khafa Khafa Zindagi – Episode 21 Review

Sadia Jabbar Productions is doing great work in bringing out a social issue of divorce and how it affects the kids in the process. Khafa Khafa Zindagi, written by Kifayat Rodani is one such drama that airs every Wednesday at 8 PM on APlus entertainment channel. Starring Sumbul Iqbal as Sara and Ali Safina as Bilal, the couple are on the verge of losing their minds because of the family pressure surrounding them.

There were 3 main highlights of the latest episode.
The first major highlight that we did witness in episode 21 was how Sara and Bilal are finally having soft corners and realizing that they are being reckless towards their children, who are the ones suffering the biggest loss.
Sara’s mother texting Bilal anonymously to come home and take away Gulzar brings huge chaos in the house. This specific scene was definitely the highlight of the entire episode as both Bilal and Sara are fighting for their son but both do not realize that this is exactly what is hurting Gulzar.

The acting of Sara and Bilal here is tremendously genuine.
It is so believable that it makes us feel their pain, agony, and helplessness as if it was happening right in front of us. Bilal takes away Gulzar but we see that now they are both ready to compromise as Bilal allows Sara to talk to him daily and Sara agrees.

The second highlight of the drama was Sara’s father having a heart attack because of the fight for Gulzar in their house. His attack causes him to collapse to the ground and is taken to the hospital. The scenes in the hospital were very intense and added another depressed scene to the already depressing story of the drama.

Thankfully the viewers were given a sigh of relief as Sara’s father gets well and brought home.
And finally, the third highlight of the drama was actually a much-needed distraction from Sara and Bilal. A new twist in the story centers Sara’s eldest sister who we see has been lying at home about going out to work but never really being at the office. Her lie is caught which forces the mother to follow her trusted daughter to see where she actually goes.

The drama ended with suspense as the mother catches her daughter red-handed.

What we are now looking in the next episode is how this mother will deal such betrayal especially coming from a daughter who has always been loyal to her.

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