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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Ep-5 Review: Farhad Braves it All in Pursuit of Mahi

Ever since the release of its trailer, Khuda Aur Mohabbat: Season 3 airing at Geo Entertainment had become the talk of the town. The chemistry between the lead duo, the melodious OST by the musical maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and the fascinating story about love and spirituality, has kept audiences glued to the screens ever since the 1st episode aired. This week we saw the 5th episode of KAM 3 in which, Farhad (Feroze Khan) decides to braves it all in pursuit of his love. Let’s review.

In the 5th episode, Mahi’s father calls her back to Bahawalpur urgently, leaving behind the wedding celebration and of course Farhad.

This is the moment of truth for Farhad. In his home city, he has a loyal group of friends, an adoring family, a girl who is clearly in love with him, and a job opportunity.

On the other hand, in Bahawalpur, there is Mahi and a glimmer of hope. Farhad of course chooses the latter. In an instant, he decides that the chance of winning Mahi’s affections means more to him than anything he currently has. Fortunately for him, Nasir sahib gets him employment in Bahawalpur at a place where Farhad can be near Mahi, which is all he ever wanted.

As he leaves town, he says a pivotal dialogue that encapsulates his mindset. “Jheet Kar Aonga Ya Pher Maar Kar”

Call it foreshadowing or an off-the-cuff remark (I think it’s the former), this dialogue by Farhad presents a seismic shift in his journey. Farhad has been slowly building towards this moment and in his head and heart, he has reached a point of no return. His love for Mahi, now, knows no bounds and he is ready to put his whole life on the line just to win her affection.

On the other hand, the Saeen at the Mazar predicts both happiness and sorrow for Taimoor and his family. Taimoor’s mother questions further but doesn’t get a clear enough response. Will the carefree manner in which Taimoor talks about sacred things come back to haunt him? This thought is slowly consuming his mother. However, to try and compensate and avoid future calamities, she is quite generous with her offerings.

The next episode will tell us how Farhad adjusts to his new surroundings and perhaps more importantly, how Mahi discovers that he has now moved to her city. Her reaction can make or break Farhad. It’s all moving at quite a decent pace.

Will be fascinating to see what happens next. Will Farhad succeed or will Mahi be offended by his persistence?

If you haven’t already seen this episode, what could you possibly be waiting for?

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