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Khuda aur Mohabbat Episode-15 Review: Mahi and Taimur get married

Will Mahi be able to be happy in her marriage?

Khuda aur Mohabbat Episode-15 ReviewKhuda aur Mohabbat Episode-15 Review - OyeYeah News

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is on a winning streak which each and every single one of its episodes being more loved and widely watched than the last one.

The latest episode begins with Sajjal mourning Farhad’s (Feroze Khan) death. She misses him and thinks the people of that mansion don’t care for guys like him.


We learn that Farhad’s mother is out of danger and can soon be discharged from the hospital. In Multan, Taimur’s family is excited about his upcoming wedding.

Sajjad, Farhad’s brother, bids farewell to Dilawar and leaves for Lahore where he confirms the news of Farhad’s death to his family who is distraught and shaken to the core.

Rida stays back with Mahi while her family goes to Taimoor’s house for the mehndi ceremony. The two of them miss Farhad and talk about him. Mahi says he was so stubborn. He was adamant about dying if the need be and that’s what happened.

Sikandar’s mother doesn’t approve of his friendship with Romana. She tells him that as long as his friendship stays out of the house, it’s fine. She also keeps an eye on him during the wedding functions.

Naheed stands on her terrace where she used to talk to Farhad. She thinks of the time when Farhad came home with his first salary and how overjoyed everyone was on that day. Farhad’s father was so happy with him he presented him with his watch.

Nazim Shah talks to Noora about their enemy’s next move. Dilawar tells him his father has forbidden them to do anything before Mahi’s wedding.

Mahi’s baraat arrives in grandeur amidst a lot of excitement. It is a happy occasion where both the families are elated over their union. After the nikkah, everyone congratulates Taimoor and his family.

nikkah ceremony

The episode ends with Mahi getting her pictures clicked as Taimoor’s new wife. There’s sadness and anguish on her face as she remembers the last words that Farhad said to her during their meeting. Like he had said, Mahi isn’t happy like the others for there’s no way she can forget Farhad and everything that he had said to her.


Will Mahi be able to be happy in her marriage? Will she start her new life and forget everything else? Watch this space to find out.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat airs on Fridays at 8 pm on Geo TV.

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