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Khudparast Episode 2 Review: Uswa’s family is eyeing Baktawar’s wealth

The second episode of an interesting new drama serial Khudparast on ARY Digital proved to be rather engaging.The play revolves around the girl Uswa who values liberty and has a liberal mind set. She receives a proposal from the Bakhtawar family who want her hand for their son Hanaan. The story seems to revolve around the clash of modern vs orthodox views beautifully knitted into a script by Meri Guriya famed writer Radain Shah and it is brilliantly directed by Syed Aabis Raza.

This episodes revolves around Uswa’s family greed as they are now eyeing Bakhtawar’s wealth and they have decided to marry Uswa with Hanan, whether or not she gives her consent.

The episode begins with Uswa’s mother who is anxiously waiting for Bakhtawar’s call, she is such a greedy woman that she does not care about the boy she is all set and ready to marry off her daughter to. Bakhtawar’s son, as she has guessed from their car model, belongs to an extremely wealthy family and that’s what matters most. Whereas Uswa, unaware of her mother’s scheming, has started taking interest in Adeel who happens to be a compulsive womanizer. Uswa is freely hanging out with him and seems to enjoy his company.


It is rather strange that Uswa’s mother is planning her to marry off to such a conservative family and on the other hand she has given her daughter such a free hand that she is roaming with Adeel on his bike. Despite of Uswa’s mother’s instructions to her daughter in law Sadia to bring Uswa in a traditional eastern attire in front of the guests, Khatoon bibi coincidentally sees Uswa getting off from the bike with Adeel in fitted jeans and a short top. Bakhtawar Bibi rejects the girl on Khatoon Bibi’s information and leaves everyone baffled.


Uswa’s sister in laws have another scheme up their sleeves and they bribe the matchmaker, giving her a hefty sum and asking her to change her opinion. Now, the scheme has worked and Bakhtawar is finally in Uswa’s favor.


Beenish comes with her husband to Uswa’s place for the proposal and she apologizes for the misunderstanding. Well it seems so weird that Uswa’s mother is throwing money for this proposal but she is not harnessing her daughter for good.

Uswa’s sister Maria seems the only sane person in the house, she tells her mother that she is happy for the proposal but she has a feeling that it is not right as the relationship will be based on a lie. For now, Uswa isn’t convinced of the proposal because she intends to meet Hanan first.

Ramsha Khan as Uswa has donned a completely new avatar and she continues to impress. Asma Abbas is again another performer who can convince anybody of her character with her acting skills. Right now, we’re rather impressed with Khudparast and continue to watch it.

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