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Khudparast Episode 5 Review: Hanan’s self righteous attitude is suffocating Uswa!

Another very engaging episode of drama serial Khudparast on aired on ARY Digital and now the story turns to the point where comes a major clash of opinions and values, which has been very artfully portrayed by Meri Guriya famed writer Radain Shah under the direction of  Syed Aabis Raza as director. Ramsha Khan as Uswa and Shehzad Shaikh as Hanan have given their best performances in the serial along with Asma Abbas as Bakhtawar.

The episode begins when that matchmaker Khatoon Bibi is demanding her  promised amount of money from Sadia bhabi, who pretends that she will but has no intentions of paying. Sadia Bhai has a real evil mind and she has actually arranged this marriage by her clever scheming because she wants to see Uswa in a miserable state. Khatoon Bibi confronts her and blackmails her that if she will not give the money then she will not let Uswa live in peace and that is what Uswa’s bhabi actually wants. She, instead of adopting an apologetic tone starts blaming and shaming her for being greedy. Khatoon Bibi challenges her that she will show Uswa’s dance video to Bakhtawar.


Hanan and Uswa have happily started their marital life, the first shock Uswa gets is when her Saas orders her to wear Abaya whenever she will get out of the house. The thought of it really suffocates Uswa and she expresses her discomfort too but nobody pays any heed to it, including Hanan. Uswa is feeling really shackled and uncomfortable in the abaya, she knows that she is negating her own self and her own will and this doesn’t go down well with her. Hanan on the other hand is not happy with Uswa’s family’s modern and out going approach of life. He objects on Maria’s dressing and also that why her husband is very frankly talking with Uswa. Uswa like a good submissive wife assures her husband that she will live the way he wants her to live.


Khatoon Bibi very cleverly pretends in front of Bakhtawar that she does not know about Hanan’s wife and his marriage and she starts saying that it is good that you have not married that girl with Hanan look what I found, her dance video on net and she shows that to Bakhtwar in which Uswa was dancing on her College annual function. Bakhtawar is extremely furious and she shows that to Hanan which makes Hanan even more mad and he snubs Uswa on that in a very aggressive and rude manner despite of Uswa’s explanations on it. This is a huge shock for Uswa.


Uswa see Moiz in a heavily drunk state and she also notices that only Beenish Bhabhi offer prayers in the house.Even Bakhtar and Hanan skip their prayers. Uswa starts questioning about the self righteousness and the hypocrisy of the family and she also raises this question in front of Hanan who clearly ignores it by saying that he thinks it is not necessary to answer every question. Uswa has developed hatred for her mother in law and she is also noticing that Hanan does not go against the wishes of her mother. Will Uswa survive in such conservative and restricted environment? What will be the future of their relationship? Watch the next episode to see what will happen after this.


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