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Khudparast Episode 1 Review: Will there be clashes of opinions?

Uswa is a girl who wants to live life to its fullest


And so, we have another drama taking its flight on ARY Digital. Khudparast, directed by Syed Aabis Raza and written by the very talented Radain Shah stars Ramsha Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Asma Abbas and also Nausheen Shah amongst others.

From the word Go, Khudparast seems like an interesting show, with a different approach. The drama shows, two families, with a very different approach towards life. One focuses on freedom while the other is very close to the religion.

The beginning scene of the episode introduces us to the protagonist of the play, Uswa played by the gorgeous Ramsha Khan, the very first scene sets the mood and the theme of the drama where Ramsha is dancing and one of her conservative and religious class fellows criticizes her conduct calling it indecent and objectionable. However Uswa backfires and starts defending herself aggressively. The scene suggests that there might be a  liberal vs conservative values clashes in the play.


Sadia and Zoya, Uswa’s bhabis, are typical sister in laws, who fret about over expenditure of Uswa’s sister’s wedding. They also have a conservative approach towards life, often pointing out Uswa and Maria’s independence and how their mother allows them to go places.


Another family is also introduced where there is strong hold of the mother on her daughter in law and sons and it seems they have a very  conservative view of life. The lady of the house goes for shopping with her daughter in law attired in full burkas and it is there she sees Uswa and likes her for her son Hanan played by Shehzad Sheikh.


Hanan, too seems to approve of his family values and is a guy quick to anger. However, Uswa seems to have impressed his mother.

But what will happen when Uswa marries into a family like this? For now,  Uswa and Maria’s fiance freely roam without any restrictions from her mother’s side. Rameez is shown as a reasonable guy whereas his friend Adeel is a full time flirt and he might just be interested in Uswa as well. So where will all this lead to, you’ll have to watch Khudparast to find out.

For now, we can say, we have some amazing performances from the cast, especially Ramsha Khan, who we have seen depicting meek characters up till now. The Tumhari Mariyum star has chosen a bold role to showcase her versatility as an actor and for now, she is succeedding. Asma Abbas looks stern, and does what is required of her character. Shehzad Sheikh as Hanan is also impressive but we need more from his character to see how he will turn out.

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